:: Cover Story... Wednesday, March 22, 2017.

Heritage Bank Boss, Ifie Sekibo “Resumes” Duty, Takes On “Light Work”
Out of sight bank boss, Ifie Sekibo is said to have resumed at his duty post.

But his coming to work is labelled on and off.

Until he surfaced, the front man of ‘’in the throes of power struggle’’ financial institution, Heritage Bank is said to have stayed off his duty post since January.

While some attribute the development to ‘’ill health’’, others claim raging battle of influence at the bank he heads.

Talks of his prolonged absence from work hit the pubic space in the wake of reported suspension of powerful director, Mary Akpobome.

Akpobome, said to have taken on the role of ‘’administrator’’ over time, covered for the lapsed created by the absence of Sekibo.

She however got suspended when the pendulum of power struggle ravaging the bank swung against her – and she was officially exempted from coming to the office to go and recoup loans she facilitated for customers.

The bank is said to be in great need of all funds it can get and Mary is said to have more than a fair share to be recovered on her plate.

Added details have it that Sekibo resurfaced after Mary’s ‘’suspension’’ – but isn’t taking on full time duties.

‘’yes he resumed but is coming to work is on and off, he only does light work..and doesn’t relate with others the few times he made appearances’’ an insider stated.
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