:: Cover Story... Wednesday, March 22, 2017.

Actress Toyin Abraham, Others Move To "Cover" Allegations Bidemi Kosoko Is Having Affair With Colleague, Bose Alao’s Husband
The actress who renamed self, Toyin Abraham is at the forefront of something good.

Along with others, she wants to broker peace in the adultery scandal rocking co entertainers Bidemi Kosoko and Bose Alao – Omotoyosi.

Bose the wife of Ghana based footballer Rasaq Omotoyosi is accusing Bidemi of having a secret affair with her husband.

And not only this but also background her allegations made via alleged disclosure from a third party with claims this isn’t the

first time the daughter of veteran Jide Kosoko would be decorated with accusations of hidden romance with colleague’s husband.

Kehinde Bankole is identified as the sufferer of the first episode of Bidemi’s alleged indiscretion.

Formerly good friends, Kehinde and the daughter of veteran actress Jide Kosoko are said to give each other a wide berth since the development.

Bose Alao came public with the allegations in the guise of seeking advice from fans.

But those who know claimed the main aim is to publicly shame the fellow actress said to be having an affair with her husband with a rented apartment listed as benefit.

The details have since caught on like wild fire on the social media space.

And actress Toyin Abraham and others are said to have stepped in to stem the tide of accusations from turning uglier.

Abraham formerly known as Aimakhu is said to be particularly keen for the parties involved to keep the ‘’fight’’ off the public space.
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