:: Cover Story... Saturday, March 11, 2017.

Why Speaker Mudashiru Obasa Is Engulfed In Tales Of "In Fighting" With Lagos Assembly Key Men
"It is meant to create a storm that will unseat him" a source reveals why Speaker, Mudashiru Obasa is suddenly engulfed in tales of in fighting with key members of the Lagos state House of Assembly.

According to information pieced together by, the threats to the Speaker’s seat never went away.

And with election year strolling in, his opponents have started waging a media war aimed at portraying him as ‘’incompetent’’.

‘’the strategy is simple...go to town with talks that posture him as inefficient and lacking control of the house, tales that overtime would shred is perceived good image’’ a source stated.

The aim is meant to put his return as a lawmaker in jeopardy with the party and electorates and also provides a huge stumbling block for his re emergence as Speaker, even if he made it back.

Sources claim Speaker Obasa and his handlers have an idea of what they are up against, and are working to combat it.

‘’that is why they urgently moved to douse the talks of raging fight with Bayo Pepper Oshinowo’’ a source disclosed.

Checks revealed the Speaker’s handlers went as far as to release images that countered the talks of estrangement.
This move is said to be outside of moves to further appease perceived aggrieved individuals in and out of the state house of assembly.

How well the attempts on either sides work out remain to be seen according to a source who claimed to be ‘’mere observer’’.
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