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Tuesday, October 13, 2015.

Why Coza's Rev Biodun Fatoyinbo Has Deep Respect For Clam's Pastor, Wole Oladiyun
Rev Biodun FatoyinboPastor Wole Oladiyun
Information filtering in revealed Senior pastor at the abuja branch of Common Wealth of Zion Assembly (Coza), Biodun Fatoyinbo has deep respect for the power behind Christ Living Apostolic Ministry (Clam)- Pastor Wole Oladiyun.

Though what specifically- and initially- sparked off the admiration of Pastor Biodun for the Clam leader remains unclear, sources confirmed that the role Pastor Oladiyun played in the saga that virtually consumed the Coza man's credibility solidified the respect.

Insiders divulged that Pastor Oladiyun was the light that meandered his junior colleague out of the darkness of the Ese Walter episode.

Ese, a Coza female church member had accused Pastor Fatoyinbo abusing his position of trust to have an affair with her.

The allegations had transformed into a blazing subject of public interest.

The accused minister's nearest comment is claim of providing a robust reply to the allegations soon. however learnt behind the scene, the maturity and deep counsel of Pastor Oladiyun tremendously helped Reverend Fatoyinbo.

According to a source ' I don't know about confessing or not...but what I know is that during that period, he had long interaction with Pastor Oladiyun and the counselling and guidance provided greatly helped and limitless enhanced the standing of the Clam pastor with Reverend Biodun' learnt the episode literarily cemented Pastor Oladiyun's role as spiritual father to Reverend Fatoyinbo defined as the son of an influential Kwara politician.

Sources claim those very conversant with the luxurious Abuja minister know that Pastor Oladiyun's pronouncements are like law for him.

'That is the kind of respect he has for Pastor Olaidiyun' an insider divulged.

Contrary to perception in some quarters, learnt the episode really shook the Coza pastor - and literarily became a downhill determinant, but for the strong counsel and character brought to bear on the situation by Pastor Oladiyun.

'I don't know what they discussed...but I know he couldn't lie to Pastor Oladiyun, you the man is a prophet...he has the gift of spritual discernment..whatever they discussed really helped Pastor Fatoyinbo' the source asserted.

Information here and there attested to this claim with validation rather than shrink, membership of the Common Wealth of Zion Assembly, particularly in Abuja has soared since the sexual affair saga.
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