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Wednesday, December 10, 2014.

'True Gender Equality Cannot Be Achieved If Only Women Are Participating'
-Aisha Babangida

After decades of being subdued and suppressed, African women are fast inching towards gender equality, and giving fire power towards this actualisation is Aisha Babangida, the Chairperson of non governmental organisation- Better Life For African Rural Women.

As parts of efforts towards achieving her organisation’s aims and objectives, the advocate of giving a voice to women who is breaking barriers and boundaries with her efforts was recently a speaker at ‘She Forum Africa’.


A platform geared towards cultivating strengthened network of emerging voices for the effective representation of women’s issues across decision-making platforms. 

Aisha Babangida

At the talk shop forum which comes under the Friendraiser community, themed ‘Democracy, Leadership and Governance, the inheritor of her mother’s noble initiative and going places with the project endless impressed with her position that ‘that feminism should not be advocated outside the masculine support.’


Erelu Babangida as she is increasingly becoming known positioned that ‘The truth is, we do believe that feminism can and should be redefined and there is a whole new wave of us coming down the hatch to do just that. And to the men who dislike the way feminism has played out over the years, we appreciate your noble efforts; the efforts of all of our front-line men who advocate for us. You are indeed our allies. There aren’t enough men like you willing to take on the type of society we live in where women feel forced to work out in the world away from our families because someone advocated for that over fifty years ago. Or the kind of world where we view our fertility as something that is broken and needs to be fixed instead of the amazing life-giving and beautiful phenomenon that it is.


‘There aren’t enough God fearing men willing to stand up for us women, not because we are weak and can’t stand up on our own, but because you are strong and could add so much to our voice. On September 20, 2014, Emma Watson, the Goodwill Ambassador for U.N. Women, launched the campaign "HeForShe". HeForShe acknowledges that equal rights are not achieved by devaluating men or holding them responsible for gender inequality. The fact is that feminism affects men too. True gender equality cannot be achieved if only women are participating’.


Her message which received rave acceptance is said to have strengthened her status as a speedily emerging game changer in the women rights crusade.

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