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Sunday, November 9, 2013.

Troubled Night Club Boss, Akeem Shodehinde Banned From Kessington Adebutu's Casino, Lagoon Casino!

Fresh revelations from the world of Akeem Shodehinde, the boss of recently shut down night club - Movida revealed he has been banned from his favourite gambling spot, Lagoon Casino.

The gambling enterprise is owned by lottery boss, Kessington Adebutu and managed by a team that includes his children, learnt.

A deep source revealed the management issued a prohibition order against Mr Shodehinde recently over what is disclosed 'a disgraceful conduct'.

According to information made available to,  Mr Shodehinde had luxuriate in the expensive service provided at the establishment and incurred a N10m ( Ten Million naira) loss.

Akeem Shodehinde

And created a bit of a scene for his money to be returned!

He is confirmed as a regular player at the Ozumba Mbadiwe located gamblers haven. And one of the biggest wagers when his business was flourishing.

An unidentified son of chief Adebutu, with big say in the running of the place, ordered a return of N2m ( Two Million naira) to Shodehinde to alleviate his loss. ( Casino operators indulge in this act of ironical reprieve to hold to clients ).

Informants claimed Akeem refused and turned violent. The quietly going out of favour night club operator reportedly threw a bottle at one of those he lost to for making fun of him.

Insiders revealed the management's dismay at the shocking act - and need to make an example to prevent an emulation and equally quell possible backlash resulted in the former night club king's exile from the Casino.

He was told point blank not to return and escorted off the premises.

'It was really shocking...the kind of clientele at the place and such gutter behaviour!'

Insiders revealed the troubled night club owner now favours lesser rated gambling joints.

It is instructive to note, Gambling has wrecked the man once dubbed General of the night life trade - in recognition of his unrivalled exploits - twice in his career. And each that he vowed never to return to it.

It is also informative to note that abusive behaviour has resulted in loss of key staffers and once loyal family members as recently reported by

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