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Trials & Triumphs Of Funke Akindele, Kendu's Romance That Resulted In Marriage
+ venue and other inside details of the May 26 nuptial.

The most discussed development in the movie industry is impending union of celebrated actress, Funke Akindele and property developer cum politician, Kehinde Almoroof Oloyede (Kendu).

Digs by revealed that behind the topical discourse lies an emotional tale of heart breaks, break-ups, totally separation, re union and now marriage.

...Heart Break That Laid Foundation For Romance

Before her romance with the man popularly known as Kendu started, actress Funke Akindele was involved in a very serious affair with Demilade, a consultant on the set of popular television programme packaged by bean figure personality, Funmi Iyanda.

Talks of marriage was common on their lips until rumour wrecked the relationship.
Funke Akindele

Demilade believed whispered words that Funke was embroiled in an affair with leader of her theatre group, Odunfa Caucus' Yinka Quadri.

He walked out of the relationship and a striving to make her mark in the industry, Funke Akindele was left with a lonely heart.

She refused to engage in any meaningful affair after this episode.

...Kendu's Pre Romance Investment

With her continuous dedication and untiring stance of giving all she has to her craft, Funke's profile continue to grow in her chosen field.

Her dexterity made many notice her- including Kendu.

But He was prepared to go the extra mile of meeting her and getting personal.

He was said to have made several attempt to meet her, using third parties and using material and money gifts to achieve his aim to no avail.

But he didn't relent.

....The Meeting Point, Beginning Of Romance

Insiders divulged Kendu finally got to meet Funke Akindele on the location of actress Kemi Adetoro-Ojo's movie.

Kendu was said to be at the invitation of another artiste.

Funnily he did not recognise Funke until someone pointed her out.

That meeting reportedly signal the beginning of their friendship and romance.

Like what is generally tagged hitting it off instantly, they were tagged 'always together until...

...The Betrayal That Tore Them Apart

In the course of their affair, sources claimed Funke introduced Kendu to some of her very close friends.

That later proved a costly mistake with- one of them betrayed the trust and had sexual relationship with Kendu.

Funke discovered this act of treachery between her man and her friend and dumped both of them.

She severed ties with her friend, a fellow actress and senior colleague and walked out of her relationship.

...The Re Union

The loss of his gal over a situation he is the guilty probably made Kendu to be more aware of what Funke means to him.

He started sending emisaries to her to help and forgive. He pleaded that the one night stand actress was but a devil set out to collapse a thing of joy.

Funke forgave him after he promised to be more faithful and met her conditions on charting a course for a more fulfilled affair. Part of the condition was total distance from funke's friend turned foe. 

Funke Akindele & Almoroof Oloyede (Kendu)

...The Business Deal That Solidified Their Romance

Information revealed that one of the major factors that solidified their union is that, they are business partners!

Kendu is a recognised property merchant- he has introduced Funke to the business as well and aiding her with tips on how to become entrenched in the sector.

The actress is believed to quietly becoming a success in this terrain.

They are said to have individual and joint trade identities they operate with.

...Kendu's Other Liaisons
+ How Adultery wrecked his first marriage

Prior to this latest venture into matrimony- Kendu was formerly married to Toun.

But adultery wrecked the marriage.

The wife was accused of engaging in extra marital affair with an associate of the politician and sent packing.

He was said to have become involved with Labake, a lady known to his estranged wife.

Labake was his 'wife' when he became seriously involved with Funke.

It is not sure whether he perfected marital ties with Labake or not.

...Reasons For The Secrecy About The Wedding

Findings revealed that the reason for the secrecy about the impending wedding has root in Kendu's past romantic liaisons.

Especially issues about his estranged wife- the secrecy is aimed at protecting the upcoming marriage from decorations of controversies.

...The Venue, 15K Wedding Uniform and other details

Digs by revealed that the wedding May 26 first leg of the wedding will take place at an event center very close to Cadbury, Agidingbi Lagos state.

The guest are expected to don a lace material on sale for N15,000.

The invite is being guardedly issued to invitees at press time.

...The Planned Matrimonial Home
Sources confided.

Insiders disclosed once she can officially append the name Mrs to her title- Funke intends to move to Lekki, area of Lagos state.

And Kendu has agreed to this.

The set aside abode will be her matrimonial home- and husband and wife to be have devised means to ensure the arrangement works and nothing 'put asunder'

...The Lady, Funke Akindele

Funke Akindele is the successful producer of the hit yoruba movie of different variations, Jenifa. And another block buster Omo Ghetto. The rave make believe expert has a training school for her profession and a production outfit tagged Scene1..In her mid thirties, the applaud that trailed her interpretation hilarious character Jenifa in same named movie has transformed her a rapidly rising comedine. She read law at the University of Lagos, Akoka

...The Man Almoroof

Kendu-Kehinde Almoroof Oloyede is a well known property developer in Lagos state- particularly Oshodi. A serial contestant, he is yet to win an election in his area as a politician.

His mother was the former Iya Oloja of Oshodi.

He was said to equally contested for the title of Oluomo of Oshodi before losing out to transport boss,Musiliu Akinsanmi.

He was former special assistant to ex minister for works, Adeseye Ogunlewe.
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