:: Cover Story... Wednesday, February 29, 2012.

Top Producers Romance Rejuvenated Actress Sikiratu Sindodo
...Why she wants to kick off with own movie.

Rejuvenated actress, Tayo Odueke ( Sikira Sindodo) is now the darling of top producers in her area genre of entertainment.

Sources claimed since she came back to good health- the celebrated actress has been serenaded with seemingly countless overs to work on the set of this and that movie top shots- particularly the producers. investigations revealed they are attempting to cash in on the commercial value of her return- against the backdrop of the day to day media frenzy and public apprehension that trailed her ill health.

Leading the pack of influential producers leading the pack ardently wooing Sindodo to

Sikiratu Sindodo

their set are Corporate Pictures boss- Abdul and Segun Ogungbe, influential member of reigning movie makers based on Ogun state.

Digs by however revealed- there is a strong indication the movie producers may not get their wish.

Even in the face of what is tagged 'irresistible offer'

Odueke is said to be keen on staging a comeback to the movie world with a movie of her own.

Sources claimed she has a script ready to implement this course of action.

Insiders further revealed she is quietly putting in place 'the desired crew'

'She has reached advance stage in the move' claimed an informant.

The major factor delaying the implementation of the idea is tagged 'fund'

All the needed fund is yet to be realised.

According to a follower of the unfolding happenstance 'this is the only factor that might give the producers a chance to play a part in the scheme of things'

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