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Timi Alaibe’s Public Show Of Affection To German Girlfriend Sparks Off Talks Of Possible Marriage
It is often said, “A man marries to please his parents, a widower to please himself.” Ask Timi Alaibe, the former Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), he knows.

In 2009, he lost his dark and dazzling wife, Alaere Alaibe, to cancer. He was inconsolable. She was the support beam in the overall architecture of his life which made those around him think he would collapse. But providence offered him a supportive shoulder to cry on. And this he did without restraint. He loved his wife dearly.

Alas, Alaere is no more, with only the sweet memories of their beautiful time together to hold on to. Life has to go on. Life is indeed going on well for the high flying politician.

Though it is hard to obliterate the memories of his late wife completely from memory, the well-connected man is bouncing back into full vitality, leaping and spinning when necessary. In fact,  he is already reciprocating the come-hither smiles of a German woman who might end up serving in more capacities than a lover.

The social barometer is flailing wildly. In twos and threes and more, it is being discussed in hushed tones and sometimes openly that Timi and his German lover are heading for the altar barring last-minute changes.

They were all over each other  at former president Obasanjo’s 80th birthday party at Eko Hotel, Lagos, yesterday. At the ceremony, the lovebirds were in each other’s arms, bucking and clawing like no man’s business and literally shutting the world out of their piping hot affair. If all works out well and according to their plans and what we saw that yesterdday, the wedding bell will chime in the lives of the duo very soon

Back in his NDDC days, the chubby Rivers State University of Science and Technology-trained accountant was the cock of the walk, the ruler of the roost and the major domo in the pantheon of deep pockets.

On account of his financial liquidity, he was a primus inter pares, the guy with the most expensive and flashiest fleet of cars. Add to this his choice taste in designer apparels, a good body to carry clothes off and good looks, the Bayelsa native effortlessly left many ladies gaping, gawking and going weak in the knees while men openly wished they made just his acquaintance. That was how overpowering his halo of prosperity was.

Though in the twilight of his stewardship in NDDC, allegations of financial impropriety were levelled against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Timi was unbowed. Thankfully, he was later cleared of any dirty deals. Perhaps fearing that his influence and power would become too overbearing, the powers-that-be ensured that he never got the party’s ticket.

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