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Friday, December 26, 2014.

Things Falling Apart Between TAN Coordinator, Ifeanyi Ubah & President Goodluck Jonathan hired supporters, refusal to pay mess caused trouble for Capital Oil Boss.

Things are falling apart between Mr Ifeanyi Ubah the main coordinator of Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria- TAN- and the man the group is shrilly campaigning for his re election, President Goodluck Jonathan.

Sources confirmed the situation is said to be such that if not for the need to maintain the semblance of a united front in the president's ranks - with election so close by, Ubah and his TAN promoters would have been officially given the boot.

Information pieced together by revealed the cause of the President's disaffection with Ubah and his fellow TAN administrators has root in creating credibility problems for their candidate.

Ifeanyi Ubah

'They created more controversies than mileage' a source revealed.

Informants disclosed a checklist by Mr Jonathan's inner caucus convinced him to order a tone down of TAN's activities, and especially give it a bit of distance.

Same treatment was recommended and accorded the main promoter, Mr Ifeanyi Ubah.

'That is the main reason why the group was no where to be seen on it's candidate big day, the day the People's Democratic Party made Mr Jonathan flag bearer again'

The immediate cause of this development is adjudged the huge mess that trailed the President official declaration for second term based on the activities of TAN.

Hired supporters from far and wide had held the Transformation Agenda of Nigeria's officials- including Mr Ubah - hostage for hours over refusal to pay agreed fees.

The rancour between the rented crowd and their hirers reportedly started before the end of the President's declaration ceremony.

Details of the situation which later turned ugly and a feast for media outlet was said to have greatly bothered the president and his inner caucus handlers.

Some of the hired supporters that came from as far as Anambra state to Abuja, and spent 3days drumming support for the event, where paid N5000 (Five thousand naira) as against the promised N40,000 (Forty five thousand naira).

The amount was later increased to N10,000 (Ten thousand naira) after much agitation with the TAN officials squirreling underground, leaving other hireling to handle the unpleasant task.

Here is a link to how widely read newspaper, Thisday reported that particular incident -

President Goodluck Jonathan

This development against the backdrop of international backlash and local angst against the leveraging on national tragedy of over two hundred missing school girls to campaign for re election of President Jonathan, by the same TAN reportedly sealed their fate.

Here is a link for background of the infamous development that earned President Jonathan hard knocks home and abroad -

Disclosed an insider ' all these things and other guarded developments have made the President to give Ubah and his TAN crowd a bit of a distance...because he can't afford to out rightly dump him, that would be like providing ammunition for the opposition with election just around the corner'

Digs by however revealed, the troubled Capital Oil boss is not taking the matter laying low.

The man who just recovered his company from the Asset Management Company well ahead of schedule is said to be desperately pulling strings to return to presidential grace.

Here is a link on how he got his company back ahead ordered date -

Insiders revealed the troubled oil man is exploring ways to use the influence of the First lady, Patience Jonathan to re integrate himself with Mr President.

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