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Tuesday, October 13, 2015.

The Story Of Subsidiaries That Serve As Success Ingredients Of Parent Company
This report tells the story of subsidiaries driving the growth of parent company with innovative market incursion concepts.
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Over the years, several companies including FCMGs have established their foothold in the Nigerian market.

From UAC of Nigeria Plc to the Tropical General Investment Group, their successes have given rise to diversification in product manufacturing.
UAC Food
One major player in Nigeria’s economy is UAC of Nigeria Plc. With a range of subsidiaries including UAC foods, UAC Restaurants, UAC Properties and CAP Plc, the company has moved from one single company to a big player in several sectors.
UAC food, one of its subsidiaries, has
gone on to become a prominent player in Nigeria’s food and beverage sector.

Major brands from the stable of UAC foods include Gala sausage, Funtime Cupcake, Supreme Ice cream and Delite fruit juice. These products have gone to take a good share of the market in the beverage and snack sector.
TGI conglomerate with diverse business interest from food, health care and engineering products has grown to become a household name for its range of quality products in the market.

The group’s business interest covers, Poultry and fish farming, Processing and marketing of frozen food, manufacturing of fruit juices, diary beverages and vegetable cooking oil, cotton grinning, Fish trawling and specialized food services, importation distribution of industrial, agro chemicals and Tractors.
Incorporated in 1982, Chi Limited caters to the needs of consumers for high quality healthy and refreshing fruit drinks, fruit juices, snacks and a range of diary products. It has gone on to become the undisputed market leaders in the fruit, Juice and Dairy category. From 100% fruit juices like Chivita 100% to Chi Exotic Nectar, Chi Happy Hour, Hollandia Yoghurt and Hollandia Evaporated milk, the company has managed to captivate millions of consumers with quality and product variety.
According to Lekan Balogun, a marketing consultant with Lekan Balogun Associates “these companies have continued to remain successful because they have products which have market leadership, viable brand perception, high top of mind recall and visible presence in the market place.

They have also continued to reinvent themselves to remain relevant to dynamic customers”
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