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Tuesday, December 2, 2014.

'The Prisoners Were Using Phones, The Wardens Not Alive To Their Responsibilities, Abuja Has To Overhaul The System'
Gov Fayose On Ekiti Prison Attack That Freed 300 Out Of 400.

Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose has put the blame of the successful attack on Ado Ekiti on the door step of prison authorities.

'They were not alive to their responsibilities' the state helms man who loves referring to himself as Irunmole to nje jollof rice ( Jollof Rice eating deity) stated during a visit to the scene of the incident.

The Governor who was attired in an all white apparel equally alleged conspiracy claiming someone inside must be in touch with those that came from outside for such an attack to be successful.

He specifically stated ' for 300 out of 400 prisoners to be freed shows ...they are not alive to their responsibilities

Gov Ayo Fayose

'Abuja (federal government) needs to overhaul the system'

The Governor who expressed great dissatisfaction with what he met on ground went on to expressly indict the prison authorities ' I want to state that the prisoners are using phones'

The state Chief Executive with the intricacies of the politics of his area right in his palm asserted his government will take a keen look into what went down at the Ado Ekiti Prison.

The prison facility transformed subject of national focus when when gun men stormed the place on monday, December 1.

The attackers said to be about 50 in numbers reportedly arrived in Toyota Hilux vans.

Aside guns and explosives, they allegedly wielded weapons such as matchetes, cudgels and charges.

About 20 security dogs were killed in the attack that reportedly freed 300 of the 400 in mates at the prison facility.

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