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Monday, October 3, 2014.

TB Joshua Makes Spirited Underground Manoeuvres To Evade Probe Panel's Nov 5 Synagogue Collapse Building Appearance Date.
...why he is desperate to avoid the 'hot' seat.

Wednesday November 5 2014, Preacher and celebrated 'healer' Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua is pencilled to appear before probe into his Synagogue Church of All Nations collapsed 6 storey building.

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But findings by revealed this may not be so - if the influential preacher has his way.

Insiders revealed the man whose collapsed building led to the death of many is pulling strings to evade appearing before the panel.

TB Joshua

Information made available to revealed Prophet Joshua is aiming at utilising the clout of friends in and out of government - particularly at the Federal level to have his way.

This is, in the face of alleged threats of forceful arrest by the panel if he shuns open invitation backed with legal mandate.

The probe panel formerly known as Coroner inquest, headed by Magistrate Mr Oyetade Komolafe, was set up under the Lagos State Coroner’s System Law No. 7 of 2007 with intent to understand circumstances behind the collapse of the undergoing construction 6 storey building that houses the famous church's visitors from far - and near.

Information has it that, the SCOAN founder has severally shunned invitations from the panel, sending minions to attend to vital inquiries.

His refusal to come before the panel resulted in the deadline invitation of November 5 he is currently trying to wriggle out of.

But what is the Synagogue front man so keen to evade?

Simple- getting caught in a lie.

According to a source ' everything he stands for is supposedly premise on one thing..the truth.

' The same thing cannot be said about most of all that pervades this tragic incident.

' Prophet T.B Joshua faces the herculean task of not indicting himself and at the same time come out telling the truth

' This is against the foundation of the fact that many lives were lost, he claimed he was attacked and he is faced with allegation of culpability in acts that resulted in the tragedy not to talk of the not getting approval for the erection'

Sources claim the disclosure that the contractor that handled the ill fated building is billed to testify along with Prophet Joshua is another reason to attempt a pull out.

'There are talks the contractor claimed he advised against some aspects of the construction and willing to repeat same in public and with TBJ in attendance, that could prove damning' an informants divulged.

Further digs by revealed above all the need to protect the larger than life image of the Prophet is very key to his handlers.

Records show in all his years of adversity, the popular preacher had survived by saying very little.

His comment 'People quarrel with what they don't understand' at the height of persecution from fellow preacher, Chris Okotie and response of 'he understands christianity better than me' to Pastor Adeboye's shot of wanting to know the kind of Bible he reads, have cloaked Prophet Joshua in the garb of wisdom - and thoughtful brevity that has lunged to greater heights over time - and of course given wings by his multi million naira charity works.

His appearance in the open 'mini court' for direct probe takes away this tested strategy- and there in lie's the danger insiders in his camp confirm.

'He has always evaded such situation, he is talks when he wants to and says what he wants to...he is not prepared for the kind of circumstance that looms' another added.

All that he has toiled for over the years stand at peril, with the risk of heavy sanction - and possible incarceration should the man of God appear and be found wanting in words, and actions leading to the tragic affair.

Related information has it that Prophet Joshua and his crew initially thought they had it handled.

While acting as Minister of Defence, Musiliu Obanikoro's while on a visit to Synagogue, days after the collapsed, announced the federal government has taken over investigation into the matter via the police.

'It is primarily a police investigation and the police is under the federal government...we will get to the root of the matter' he said. 

The move had quelled passionate attempts by agents of the lagos state government to investigate the matter.

The governor and his team had agreed with Mr Obanikoro and announced a 'handing off ' the investigation.

Only for the current coroner inquest - with proper legislation- to be invoked, and the Preacher now caught unawares.
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