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Saturday, December 13, 2014.

Socialite, Peter Obafemi Sent Packing From Parkview Home.

Socialite and politician, Peter Obafemi is not having it that easy based on information filtering in.


Informants just confirmed days after news of his troubled marriage floated out, the man who aspired to become the governor of Ekiti state is back as topic of social discourse for yet another not too good reason.


He has been sent packing from his Parkview, Ikoyi Lagos home.


And naturally, the issue revolves around payment of rent.


The ‘Landlord’ could no longer tolerate inability of his tenant to stick to payment schedule.


And served the socialite eviction notice.

Digs by revealed the development which put to a lie perception in many quarters Obafemi owned the house did not become talk of town on itself – but the manner the man about town was forced out. 

Peter Obafemi

According to an insider ‘the Landlord tampered with the roof of the house to make him leave!’’.


More revelations have it unable to bear the brunt of the ‘unbecoming’ treatment, the man contending with his wife, Lola Iruka moving back to her parents home with the couples baby is now forced hole up in hotels and with friends interchangeable.


Here is a link on background on the state of his matrimony -

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