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'I Look Forward  To Making More Mistakes'
Relocated Singer, Asmaa Idrisu, popularly called Airis, talks about the interesting and challenging things in life in and out of the entertainment world in this chat with

Asmaa Idrisu, Airis

QUE, How challenging has it been trying to make a headway in your career since you relocated back home?

Like most careers in the world, you have to pay your dues to be a part of your industry. Getting the music out there has been a bit challenging since my

music is different from the familiar club mixes, but it's been good so far. People who listen to my music love it, and my video has done very well. Coming back home was a good decision I don't regret.


Que, What are the major challenges you face?

Traffic in Lagos and the whole electricity situation is a major drawback for me, but what can I say, we're all in it together.


Que, Do you consider operating on your own platform Airis music as much of a boost as you expected?

Absolutely! I can write and produce my music myself and reveal the true artist in me to the world. Also, things are much less complicated from a business perspective. I have creative control of what I share with the world. It's a great place to be.


Que, How do you rate the acceptance of your kind of music an alternative pop and soul music with cultural influences so far?

I've always believed that people will always appreciate good music regardless of the origin or genre. My music appeals to people from all over the world. I think incorporating my culture into my music has not necessarily made it acceptable but more identifiable.


Que, Do you consider being married a boost or otherwise to your efforts at gaining relevance taking into consideration the peculiarities of the local industry
One's personal status should not be a hindrance to their career growth or personal success. There are ways to make both work.


Que, Your debut single "Without You" appears to be gathering international followership with limited local recognition what will you attribute this to- or do you think otherwise?

I think I've actually received more local recognition and I say this because majority of my fans abroad are Nigerian.


QUE, AIRIS, that is a coinage of what identity, philosophy?

The name AIRIS is a combination of my first and last name: Asmaa Idrisu. The name AIRIS as an artist name also has it's own meaning; in botany Iris is a type of flower of many colors, and in anatomy, its the colored part of the eye. I come from a diverse cultural background and the word "iris" is a good analogy I can use to describe myself: colorful, vibrant, and diverse.


QUE, The death of your father was a huge factor in your returning back to Nigeria- do you have regrets?
No regrets. Life happens, Death is a part of life, eventually we will all understand that and accept it.


QUE, Engineering to music,outside of the love for the later one tend to wonder why the switch from one to the other- and the correlation?

Music has always been my passion, however I still felt the need to get a college education.
I chose engineering because it was challenging. Upon practicing it I felt unaccomplished and decided to go after my passion, music.


QUE, What are the major factors that influence everyday decisions that affects your life?

The way I feel. Everything revolves around that.


QUE, Successes are recorded from making mistakes- do you have any seemingly alarmingly decision that later turned out for the very best?
I usually make calculated decisions but also many mistakes. We learn from mistakes, so I really have no regrets of them and I also look forward to more mistakes. We all have some of those.


QUE, To what extreme can you go to relish in your passion- make your self comfortable?
They say when you do what you love or you are passionate about, it's not work. I am already doing the extreme, pursing my dreams. Leaving a comfort zone of what I am used to to the unknown in Nigeria is extreme. It has been very rewarding.


QUE, Where does fashion fits in, in your everyday life?
I evolve with fashion. I wear, live it and use it everyday. I'm a huge fan of fashion.


QUE, what do you make of the music industry of today?
There are some many talented people out there that are not given the chance and the reverse also happens. Everyone wants to sing. But only the unique, talented and patient survive. Music is a universal language. As long as you connect to the passion of music, good music will still find it's way through crowd of many sounds.


QUE, Where do you see your self and Airis music in five years time?
I see myself as a world recognized artist with a very successful record label. I believe in revolutionizing the music industry in East and West Africa and who know possibly beyond.


QUE , Who are your five top

There are so many great artist, but for choice preference, I would have to say: Fela, Asa, tuface, Jeremiah Gyang, Dbanj.

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