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Tuesday, October 4, 2014.

Senator Chris Ayanwu's Men Move To Cotain Reports Of Slapping Bout With Lacal PDP Chair, Chinemerem Madu

Agents of Senator representing Owerri Senatorial District of Imo State, Chris Ayanwu are at work.


And their mission is simple – to contain the damaging reports of the slapping bout that transpired between the ‘distinguished senator’ and Chinemerem Madu, the chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Ezinihitte l0cal government area over the weekend.

Senator Chris Ayanwu

The local PDP chair had reportedly exchanged ‘stinging slaps’ with the Imo gubernatorial hopeful over machination to control the outcome the party’s delegate election.

According to trending information Ayanwu arrived Chinemerem base, and made allegations of foul play.


She reportedly demanded to see documents that would back her assertions, but was rebuffed.


And altercation ensured and the sitting Senator struck the first blow. She reportedly slapped the party chieftain , the response was a barrage of more forceful slaps that staggered her back.


‘Despite taking the first shot, the velocity of the response caught her by surprise’ a source alleged.

Intervention from the loyalists of the two ‘combatants’ reportedly curtailed a bad situation from further degeneration.


Further revelations have it Madu was working for the deputy speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, Emeka Ihediora.


Both Ihediora and Madu are at opposing side of political divide within the PDP.


Sources further revealed concerned by how her image is coming off worse in the retelling of the ‘public slap’ episode, Senator Ayanwu and her handlers have initiated moves to contain the reports.


Sources divulged the move is two pronged- quell unflattering articles or tell a story that shines the image of their principal.
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