:: Cover Story... Saturday, February 04, 2012.

Rising Act, Hakym The Dream In Alleged Paternity, Party Sex Mess
'They are a figment of imaginations' - Spokesperson
Rising act operating on the platform of Serengeti Music- Hakym The Dream (real Akeem Olatunji) is in at the centre  of a growing controversy.

The controversy has root in a twin sex oriented episodes the musical act was allegedly involved.

The singer nominated for the channel O awards in 2009 for his single called Plenty Plenty is accused of being the father of a three year old girl (he does not associate with)

Jessica, young lady said to be about 25 claimed Hakym is the father of her child.

She made the accusation a public place in the company of her mother.

According to informants the event transpired on Sunday January 29 2012- in front of the
Hakym The Dream

Serengeti Studio on Falolu Road, Surulere, Lagos.

Sources claim 'the Lady who called herself Jessica tried to make a scene with her mother, publicly humiliated the singer in front of the studio, saying he should take responsibility for his daughter'

Hakym The Dream, said to have been accosted on arrival by the duo- on noticing gathering spectators -  reportedly hopped back into his car and zoomed off.

Persons suspected to be private security personnel reportedly prevented the two women from causing more scenes at the wave making studio's premises.

Prior to this development- the club hit,  Lamba crooner was involved in a party sex allegation.

The incident transpired a week before the paternity drama.

The upwardly mobile singer was accused of making out with a guest's girlfriend at a friend's party in Ikoyi,  Lagos.

The allegation which came several minutes he returned from the alleged 'scene' of the sex bout reportedly created a furore at the party.

The unnamed accuser, who claimed to be the boyfriend was ejected from the party when no case was established against the singer.

The  rising hip hop star reportedly left minutes after this.

His public relation handlers, Media Image Managers. MIM, in a response to an inquiry on the developments responded that 'There is no iota of truth in these stories. They are a figment of someone’s evil imagination. Hakym is a disciplined artiste and young man who was raised with high morals and that is why his young career has taken a dramatic leap in the last couple of years. Hakym will not allow stories like this to distract him'

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