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Pride Of Lagos Wounded As Poverty & Health Risks In Badia, Slum Where Hundreds Of Women Work In Sex Trade To Survive Trend Home & Abroad
The pride of Lagos is wounded.

And this is as a result of the showcase of the other side of the ‘’centre of excellence’’

A Badia, a sex slum located in Apapa area is on displace.

International news platform, DailyMail just did an expose on the booming sex trade in the midst of poverty in the Lagos community.

According to the report poverty has forced hundreds of women into the sex trade in Badia with girls as young as 14yrs old taking as much as four to five customers a day to survive.

The report also focuses on the attendant health risk of this development with main focus on HIV.

Sex workers agreed to be photograph by Ton Koeneon for the publication.

And there faces were and lives of squalor were lavishly splashed in a manner that tells the story beyond words.

This development is said to have wounded the bride of administrators of Lagos – and their image handlers.

‘’It takes away all the accolades for road constructions, traffic issues handling and related services provision’’ a source says.

The report by the foreign medium is being feasted on by local news spotters

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