:: Cover Story... Tuesday, February 28, 2017.

Popular Religious Leader, Concerned Family Friends Wade Into Messy Squabble By Obaro, Oboden, Gloria, Oskar & 12 Other Children Of Olorogun Micheal  Ibru Over Late Father’s Mega Wealth
Emerging details have it concerned stakeholders are keenly mounting pressure to resolve the raging crisis ravaging the children of the late wealthy Nigerian, Olorogun Michael Ibru.

The definition of successful business exploits died in September last year at the age of 86.

Sixteen of his children are currently up in arms over how his properties are to be shared.

The property fight which has found it way into the court has attained the dimension of casting aspersions on the paternity of some of the combatants.

Sources claim as ludicrous details of erupting messy fight come to fore, concerned individuals have moved to quickly contain the situation in the bid to preserve the good memory of the departed soul.

A Bishop close to the family is said to campaigning for peace – and a withdrawal of the court case that brought public attention to the whole affair.

Other concerned family friends are said to be towing the same path.

‘’the argument for peace to reign is that there is more than enough for everyone to share without making a mess of everything and tarnishing the memory of their father’’ a source disclosed

The deceased is widely acknowledged one of the richest Nigerians ever.

Sources disclose to that the ‘’peace’’ moves are being done as discreetly as possible.
The ‘’effect’’ of the efforts at averting a messy public fight for inheritance remains unclear.

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