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Friday, November 7, 2013.

Popular Female Celebrities Heat Up Wole Arisekola's Streetjournal Forum With Salacious Details Of Their Sexcapades!

Recently, streetjournal forum, the virile blackberry social media platform created and manned by influential individual Wole Arisekola was the thrown into never before seen uproar.

S - E - X
S - C - A - N - D- A- L

Reason, two popular female celebrities engaged each other- and threw up salacious details of their sex escapades about town.

The details are reproduced as sourced.

'In what is clearly a messy sex scandal of unimaginable proportion,2 big babes from well to do, popular Nigerian families have come out in the open, exposing without caring a hoot, their sex orgies with each other’s father, uncle and so many other shocking revelations. This great sex expose was on a popular social media platform, few days ago.

 The show of shame was between Tinu .L., a supposed friend of Moji, ex daughter in-law of a popular former President, and another big babe who calls herself  Tilewa.  It was a big ‘roforofo’ fight between them which revealed old salacious tale of incest and infidelity.
The two babes even pleaded with the forum admin, W.A(his initials),from a popular Ibadan family , to ensure their mudslingings come out for the world to read. 

Here reproduced is the abridged version of the verbal insults between the two, who are both members of a forum on the platform.

Tilewa fired the first salvo, she had commented on a bb broadcast she saw weeks back on the forum, "Uncle I saw a broadcast three weeks ago about one Moji who accused me here of sleeping with her father in-law. With all honesty and respect to her broken home, she doesn't deserve my reply but to put the record straight. She was the one who started having affair with her father in-law. All the papers in Nigeria carried it, and her husband, Gbenga granted an interview to Sahara reporters to buttress my point.

Please uncle, tell her to keep her dirty mouth shut or I will spill the
bean on this forum." Please bc Tilewa.

Apparently in defence of Moji, Tinu .L., later replied  Tilewa this way, "Uncle, Please stop posting that impostor's comment.  Tilewa, you told us that your father, a first class King disflowered you at the age of 15. You don't have any moral right to bring down our friend.

She was married to Gbenga before but like any other marriage. She has moved on with her life. So go back to your father in Oyo and ask for forgiveness. Moji is not your match." Tinu  .L.,

Tilewa fired back thus, "See this mad woman who slept with a Lagos Civil Servant inside her husband’s car. Both of you are niphomaniac. You said you like Tall man like W.A(the forum admin), you said I should give you his number, you traced him to Atlanta during OPEC meeting last summer but you lost your money. The guy didn't come. You cried for one week." Please bc Uncle. Tilewa.

"See shameless married woman, who paid for ticket first, you sent N1.8millon for your tickets to my account in GTB.

You forgot abi?. Bloody liar. You that slept with (O P) inside his boat. Bloody impostor, are you related to Uncle. All Yoruba rich handsome men are her uncle. Thief. Please I won't celebrate you with a reply but your father disflower you and you pimp all your friends for your father. A wife of former Nigerian footballer will kill you, she is looking for your fat ass. Please bc Uncle.

"You think I'm like you? Wole is my uncle, his wife knows me, We lived together in his father's house when I was in Primary school. Go and ask all his brothers. He took my younger sister to school in Dublin in 1999. He is part of my family. You are the harlot, The day uncle bought me a N7million brand new Mercedes benz at Mercedes place opposite third round about lekki phase two, both of you cat walked infront of him, begging me to give you his number. I'm proud to have rich uncle. You always talk of big people but you have nothing to show for it. Bloody nuisance. Uncle please in the name
of Allah bc'

NB: Some online news spotters pick and use our stories down to the dot of 'Ts' and 'Is'  without recourse to credit. We demand that this anormaly is corrected. Plagliarism is a crime.