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Tuesday, November 25, 2014.

Popular Anambra Traditional Ruler & Okalakwu Kingdom King, Nkeli Kelly Lives In Fear, As Subjects Move Against Him.

Popular Anambra traditional ruler, Kelly N Kelly now lives in fear in his domain.


Sources confirmed subjects of the Royal father of Okalakwu Kingdom in (Igbariam community) are up in arms against him.


And not only this- the forces against him have backings from powerful figures outside of his kingdom – including fellow Igwes.


And to compound his woes he is at the other

Igwe Nkeli Nelly

side with powers that be in the government of his state.

Information sourced by indicate travails that has seen youths in his kingdom initiate violent protest against him as root in opposing political interests of Governor of the state, Willie Obaino.


The state headman is said to have secured the support of virtually all other Royal fathers in the state – and the sympathy of game changers Igwe Nelly’s Kingdom.


Information revealed the intense but quiet war that has seen Igwe Nelly at the other side of the political needs and wants of Governor Obaino and his supporters blew open and came to a head,

when other pro Governor Obaino traditional rulers in the state made an openly endorsed the State Chief Chief Executive on behalf of all.


The Okalakwu Kingdom head man went all out to distance himself from the act with public a public declaration titled “Royal Fraud in Anambra State’’.


The chain reaction consequence of this action was unrest in his Kingdom from ‘the youths’ that spiralled into an averted violence against the royal father. And an unsettled ‘town union’ that went on to public disown their King!


Insiders disclosed since the town union’s  open disownment, against the backdrop of the youth’s angst and clandestine backing from influential forces outside of his kingdom, the embattled king of Okalakwu kingdom has being unease, living in fear in his kingdom.


‘things have degenerated beyond expected outcome for him- and he fears for his life and his crown’ a source divulged.


Already charges of unfounded fights with subjects, extortion of farmers and general arbitrary rule are being dredged up and promoted in talks about town in his kingdom learnt.


‘And this is certainly not a foundation for anything with possible favourable outcome for the troubled Igwe’ an insider interpreted.

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