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Friday, October 31, 2014.

Plot By Bola Shagaya To Use First Lady, Dame Patience's Influence Foist Ex Opposition Candidate, Dele Belgore As PDP Flag bearer In Upcoming Kwara Guber Election Causes Crisis In Party. late night candidate imposition meeting failed
+alleged long term plan for son.

Information filtering in indicate, moves by emerging power in the political circle of Kwara state, Hajia Bola Shagaya to impose a candidate of her choice as the People’s Democratic Party’s flag bearer in the upcoming gubernatorial election in the state is creasing great ripples.


The business woman who derives her political strength and clout from extra ordinary rapport with Dame Patience, the wife of President Goodluck Jonathan is said to favour Dele Belgore, the gubernatorial candidate of once upon a time rival party, Action Congress of Nigeria – Dele Belgore.


The ACN led by Asiwaju Bola Tinubu discarded it’s identity to become a pivotal component of All Progress Congress, the intense rival of PDP.


Informants revealed resistance of Shagaya’s attempt by other aspirants- and more active

Bola Shagaya

party ment in the state is the cause of the present crisis rocking the PDP in the state.

The anti – Shagaya’s move are advocating for all aspirants to engage in primary election.

It is believed Shagaya lacks the political depth and grass root support amongst party men in the state to sway delegates to support her candidate. And Belgore coming from the opposing camp does not have the political foundation in the PDP to withstand such rigors.


Backed by Shagaya, Belgore is contesting against powerful interests in the state such as Gbemi Saraki, Abdulrahman Oba, Jani Ibrahim, Rasak Lawal and Isa Bio Ibrahim.


Findings revealed to outwit her opponents, the friend of the first lady had invited all aspirants to a late night meeting – and promised lucrative compensation packages for all to support Belgore.


‘She promised plum federal appointments, but the aspirants refused. They opted for primary election’ a source divulged.


Shagaya reportedly made the offer against the backdrop of achievement of snuffing out all other interest to install her candidate Abubakar Suleiman as replacement for ex sports minister, Bolaji Abdulahi that crossed to the opposing side after his principal, Senator Bukola Saraki.


Findings revealed to show her seriousness in having her way, Shagaya reportedly influenced a meeting of all kwara PDP guber aspirants with the Senate President, David Mark and National Chairman Adamu Muazu citing need to avoid undue crisis as reason for a consensus candidate.


Sources claim the Aspirants stuck to their guns of open primary with such vehemence that the Party Chairman gave his blessing. There were said to talks of followers threats protest votes if ‘ an outsider is imposed on the party’.


Insiders revealed the aspirants strong opposition is fuelled by allegations that Shagaya is attempting to pave for her son, Sherrif’s emergene as governor in the long with attempts to wrest state power via loyal candidate.


‘ The talks is that she wants to use Belgore to have a go at the governorship..and if it works out, with the Jonathan’s still in power...he can be force to step down for her son Sherrif after a single term.’a source divulged.


Sources claim talks of this ploy has created a bit of angst within the party- with continuing moves at imposition of Belgore spiralling it into a crisis of sort.


The Senate President and National Charman are said to be striving hard to douse the situation – the face of Shagaya’s reliant on Dame Patience’s influence to have her way.

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