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Monday, December 8, 2014.

Pay Back Time For Senator Gbenga Ashafa Over Refusal To Fund Ambode's Campaign As Delegates Demand N150m To Return Him Unopposed!

For Senator Gbenga Ashafa, it was payback time for him as return bid ran into stormy waters on Monday.


Ashafa refused to fund the campaign of  Akinwunmi Ambode, winner of the All Progressives Congress Gubernatorial primary election in Lagos state.


This was in the face of a straight directive from party leader and main backer of Ambode- Aiswaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.


Here is a link to that development -

Senator Gbenga Ashafa had reported the development unravel some of the immunity he enjoyed as Asiwaju’s godson.


A testament to this development played on Monday December 8 2014 when supposedly an unopposed candidate, delegates demanded Ashafa cough out N150m for them to vote for him.


He needs their vote to make his election legal.


The 3,000 delegates demanded N50,000 each. Ashafa initially offered N5,000 which was reportedly rejected.


He later increased it to N25,000 each which was also turned.


An insider analysed the development to ‘its a straight forward case, they wants him to cough out the money he refused to expend to help their political leader achieve his aim’


It is generally agreed the delegates would not dare make such a demand without the backing of a powerful stakeholder.


Insiders revealed to save face, the organisers had to shift the election to Tuesday Decemebr 9 2014 – along with a change of venue.


The payback drama transpired at Ikorodu Town Hall with Ashafa supposed to return unopposed as the APC ticket holder for Lagos East Senatorial District.


The new venue is disclosed as Epe Local Government.


Insiders disclosed the postponement as opportunity for Ashafa and his sympathisers to plead with the powers that be for a way out.


A deep rooted source however confirmed to societynowng,com ‘for this to take place, whatever happens after it, this is confirmation Ashafa has lost the favourite spot in the Tinubu inner caucus’

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