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Thursday, December 12, 2013.

Pasuma, Kwam 1's War Deepens Over New Film 'Awoko' Featuring 'Oganla Star'.
...alleged portray King of Fuji in 'bad light'.

The cold war between musicial super stars and promoters of the brand of music known as Fuji, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal (Kwam 1) and his once upon a time protege Wasiu Alabi Odetola (Pasuma) just deepened.

This development is attributed to the growing popularity of a recently released movie titled 'Awoko'.

The effort that features Pasuma as one of the major acts and co credit for screen play is widely interpreted to have portrayed Kwam 1 in 'bad light'.

The storyline of the movie written and produced by Wunmi Ajiboye, another major

Kwam 1

act centres around intrigues and behind the scene moves at attaining success in the music industry.
Wasiu Alabi Pasuma Directed by Segun Ogungbe ( another actor in the movie), the work that has Alhaji Kazeem Adeoti listed as Executive Produces plays around three major characters, Ashabi Nightingale ( Fathia Balogun), Awoko Halia (Wunmi Ajiboye) and Pasuma.

Pasuma played the role of an established top rate musician that goes out of his way to encourage upcoming artiste. Fathia Balogun performs the part of Ashabi Nightingale, a grounded and famous singer not willing to mentor others and ready to go to any length to hold on to her position. Wunmi Ajiboye executes the role of the upcoming lyricist that toppled Nightingale through good conducts and meaningful songs.
Strangely Fathia Balogun that played the role of Nightingale utilised male attires all though the 2- part movie - and utilised some of the  mannerism of fuji King Wasiu Ayinde in the delivery of her part.

Fans and supporters of Kwam 1 view the development an indirect attack on the Fuji King. And with Pasuma playing the role of himself and the good guy in the same movie, he is labelled the 'aggressor'.

A keen follower of the affairs between Pasuma and his former mentor summaries the fallout of the growing popularity of the movie ' further deepens the simmering cold rift between them.'

Kwam 1 is said to be playing the 'act like nothing is amiss card', to avoid giving Pasuma the credibility of 'an assailant worth taking on'.
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