:: Cover Story... Thursday, March 2, 2017.

Out Of Sight Festus Odimegwu Still Cherishes His Night Life, Just Uses The Secluded "VVIP Zones & Private Entrances" To Keep Off Unwanted Eyes
Those who should know claim, the man who lost his last prominent appointment for saying the ‘’truth’’ the government was not comfortable with, Festus Odimegwu still loves his night life.

The former National Population Commission boss – relieved off his position for revealing deceit in official figures – is said to still enjoy the ambience of this and that night fun places.

But to catch him at it, you need to be a top level reveller of night life.

Reason ?

The man with business stakes in the night business is said to only luxuriate in secluded zones of the VVIP sections and uses only private entrances reserved for the very few.

‘’I know Quilox does that for him, provides him a private exit and entry’’ a source confirmed,

Quilox owned by socialite Shina Peller is currently the place to be for big names and money men.

‘’What this means is that his goings and comings are not open to just anybody’’ a source disclosed.

A former top man at beer manufacturing company, Nigerian Breweries Plc Festus Odimegwu is known to decorate how he does his things airs of ‘’exclusivity’’ according to those conversant with his ways.
Odimegwu also a former gubernatorial hopeful in Imo state dropped out of public glare after he left his position as Chairman National Population Commission in midst of controversy for saying what higher authority doesn’t want spoken.
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