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Wednesday, December 3, 2014.

'Otunba Gani Adams Is The Only Nigerian Who Has Strongly Stoked The Embers Of Nigeria's Culture Revival Om The International Scene'
-Nigeria Ambassador, Sweden, Benedict Onochie

Promoter of Culture, Otunba Gani Adams just received very strong commendations for his efforts.


The details are reproduced.


Otunba Gani Adams has been described as an inestimable cultural asset which Nigeria is blessed with.


The Nigeria Ambassador to Sweden, HE ,

Gani Adams

Benedict Onochie - Amobi who was represented by Mrs Jane Ndem said that , Otunba Adams is the standard light bearer of Nigeria Cultural asset in the global forum.


The Ambassador disclosed that "Without any point of equivocation and bias, Otunba Gani Adams is the only Nigerian who has strongly stoked the embers of Nigeria's cultural revival on the international scene and in most particular within the Nigeia in Diaspora  ...


"The Ambassador who pointed this out at the launching of Oodua Progressive Union held at Crotia katarina Zrinski Idrott- Kultur forening ,Kortedala , Gothen on Saturday 29 November 2014 said that The Embassy was not only proud of the vision and activities of Otunba Adams in the area of cultural rejuvenation and resuscitation but happy that a Nigeria is going all over Europe showcasing the cultural heritage of the Yoruba race .


The Ambassador pointed out that “This singular move of Otunba Gani Adams at showcasing the cultural heritage of the Yoruba race in Europe is setting in motion cultural revivalism among others Nigerian ethnic groups in diaspora .


We are happy about this development which is calling the attention of our people to the elasticity of of culture, norms, values and traditional orientation.


This is a new dimension to cultural nationalism and patriotism "It is commendable "Speaking during the launching ceremony which was witnessed by a first class traditional ruler from Nigeria , the Zaki of Arigidi , Oba Yisa Olanipekun , Otunba Gani Adams said that he was propelled to rise up and defend the cultural integrity of the Yoruba race just because " of an innate desire to rescue a pristine heritage from being rummaged and consigned into the dust bin of forgetfulness particularly on the international levels among the African in diaspora" .


Otunba Adams who was represented by Captain Abiodun Adesina said that " if Africans in Africa failed to aggressive address the deliberate cultural imperialism being launched in a systematic destructive process by the western world in the name of vogue and modernism, the continent will wake up one day to find out that its culture and values have been obliterated from the socio- cultural map of the world.


 Otunba Adams said "On my own, I have decided to defend the cultural integrity and heritage of the Yoruba race without entertaining any fear or favor.


The task of revamping, resuscitation and rejuvenation of the cultural identity, norms and moral traditional values which distinguish the Yoruba race from the others is a must accomplish mission.


It is in this line that I urge all of us to see the intrinsic necessity in teaching our children our culture and tradition:

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