:: Cover Story... Thursday, March 08, 2012.

Osun Gov Rauf Aregbesola Losses Popularity Over Attacks On Gov Mimiko!
...Why he is desperate for confrontation with the Ondo headman.

Governor of Osun state, Rauf Aregbesola's popularity is on the wane.

Findings by attribute this development to 'persistent verbal attacks against his Ondo state counterpart, Olusegun Mimiko at almost every junction'

The former Lagos commissioner for works had kick started ceaseless verbal attacks against the person and government of Governor Mimiko for about two weeks.

He hinged the action on a vow that ' I'm committed to removing him (Mimiko) and by the special grace of God, he would be removed'

The bedrock of this vow has root in the believe that economic and political integration of the south west region can only be achieved

Gov. Rauf Aregbesola, Osun State

if all governor's of the states in the area belong to Action Congress of Nigeria.


Governor Olusegun Mimiko is the only state head man on the platform of another party- Labour- in the region.

Political analyst and supporters of Gov Mimiko's stance however differ on this grounds.

They argue all it takes is political and economic alliance to achieve the said objectives- irrespective of party affiliation.

That the move to lure Mimiko into ACN is just an attempt to draft Ondo state's resources into private business empire.

It is alleged that all ACN governors remit certain percentage of the allocations to the national leader- a development that is alleged to be hampering performances in the affected states.

And there is also the comparison of the political pedigree of Governor Mimiko and national leader of ACN Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

It is believed that it is more fitting for the Ondo state head man to relate with ACN and Asiwaju Tinubu as a man of his own- than become subservient to him by joining ACN.

Sources claimed Mimiko had consolidated on his stance by ensuring he enjoys the support of his people with 'good governance'

An effort that appears to be assuring his re election by the day.

Sources claim that Gov Aregbesola's strident attack on Mimiko is a calculated attempt to jeopardise this status with a messy public confrontation geared at portraying the Ondo head man as 'petty'

'The plan is that once this is achieved- it will be used to colour mimiko's achievement and create a leeway for ACN to group and become formidable in the state' a source divulged.

Investigations however revealed that Mimiko's refusal to join issues with Aregbesola appears to have transformed the strategy a reversal effect for the Osun governor.

He is now being portrayed as a man desperately looking for an avoidable fight.

And in some quarters 'garrulous' in the move as he throws decorum to the wind.

A clear case in point was a Tuesday March 2012 occasion at City Hall, Lagos.

The event aimed at fostering unity among players in the southwest regions was turned into another strident verbal assault against Mimiko by Aregbesola.

Political figures such as Dimeji Bankole and Chairman of the occasion Mr Fola Adeola amongst others had to severally call Aregbesola to order in his 'attacks'

Findings revealed this attitude has started taking away major points from the popularity of Aregbesola.

And for a man that enjoyed minimal acceptance and leverage before now- this is termed as grave.

The focal point of this waning popularity is his score card.

It is now being bandied that he will be a better state administrator if he focuses on appeasing grumbling masses desirous of good governance in his state- than concentrating his effort on attacking and vowing to take over another state.

Sources claimed the public attacks and claims of non performance against mimiko- have beamed the spot light on aregbesola's performance.

And according to a source ' the findings are leaving quite a lot to be desired and speedily affecting the rating of Aregbesola as a governor and individual'

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