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Wednesday, December 31, 2014.

'1 Senate, 3 Reps And 10 Assembly Seats' Aremo Segun Osoba, Dimeji Bankole Bargain In Move To Make Ex Speaker SDP Guber Candidate In Ogun State.

Former Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives and People’s Democratic Party chieftain in Ogun state, Dimeji Bankole appears on his way out of the political party that brought him to prominence.


Sources disclosed Mr Bankole is aggrieved he has been schemed out of becoming the People’s Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate in Ogun state.


And to achieve his latest political ambition, the once upon a time major voice in the corridors of power is said to be in talks with Aremo Olusegun Osoba, the leader of Social  Democratic Party, the growing political party in Ogun state.

Aremo Segun Osoba

There are assertions in authoritative quarters the SDP and PDP are working together in ogun state to unseat re election seeking governor operating on the platform of All Progressives Party, Ibikunle Amosun.


There are also disclosures the SDP currently enjoys presidential patronage in exchange for this arrangement.


‘that is the background that provided fertile ground for ongoing political rapport with Soba and a strong possibility in the defection of Dimeji and his supporters to the SDP’  a source disclosed.

Dimeji Bankole  Insiders disclose the theme of talks between the Osoba and Bankole as how the duo can work together for mutual benefits.


Osoba needs a strong candidate as his party’s gubernatorial flag bearer – and Dimeji want a feasible political to achieve his agenda.


Dimeji is equally said to be holding out for an arrangement that would not render him a non entity the new political environment should it come to be.


Sources disclosed to bolster confidence in each other Osoba is said to be offering the

former House of Representatives Speaker chance to fill a Senatorial seat, three House of Representatives slots and ten assembly posts with candidates of his choice, along with the opportunity of becoming gubernatorial candidate.


Sources confirmed the ploy is give Bankole the chance to put his loyalists in position of power within the party – and put in place needed protection if the defection comes true.

‘all it will take would be for holders of the chosen mandates to write withdrawal letters and their names substituted with those of Bankole’s men’ a source disclosed.


Insiders further revealed if the move translates into reality, Osoba and his SDP would transform major contenders in the battle for the soul of the politics of Ogun state.


Especially against the backdrop of assertions in some quarters the ears of President Jonathan in Ogun state, Otunba Gbenga Daniel equally has sympathy for the SDP because of the manner of grip fellow party man wanted in America for drug related offences, Kashamu Buruji has on PDP in the state.


A candidate of the indicted politician holds the mandate of PDP gubernatorial candidate in Ogun state.

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