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Friday, October 31, 2014.

Nigerian Diplomat, Bimbola Raji In Street Fight Abroad!

A woman identified as Nigerian diplomat, Mrs Abimbola Raji was recently, the subject of an unbecoming happenstance abroad.

She was reportedly engaged in a street brawl that warranted attention from the police. And the situation so attention drawing that photo's and statement were taken.

Information sourced revealed Mrs Raji fought another Nigerian, Mr Taiye Derico on the street of Vienna, in Austria.

According to report on online platform elombah ' An Austrian eyewitness told Global Reporters (GR) on telephone that he saw a woman and a man exchanging words and thought that they were discussing, but suddenly the woman slapped the man and

started to fight him'.

The situation was said to have resulted in an 'ambulance ' attending to Abimbola over the occurrence. While Taiye reportedly 'went to the hospital because of an injury he allegedly sustained on his left ear. He was said to have been wearing Bluetooth when Raji surprised him with the slap.'

The report has it that the police are investigating what led to such a public show of shame.

Comments credited to the eye witness reporter of the incident provides perfect window into growing opinions about the incident

' I was disappointed to learn that she was a diplomat. No matter what the matter was, she should have respected her position if not herself ' she is reported to have said.

NB: Some online news spotters pick and use our stories down to the dot of 'Ts' and 'Is'  without recourse to credit. We demand that this anormaly is corrected. Plagliarism is a crime.