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Thursday, November 06, 2013.

Mysterious Woman Beat, Tore Socialite Tunde Alaso's Cloths At Sheraton Hotel Over Allegedly Unpaid Debt To Toyin Kolade

Lagos socialite Tunde Alaso got more than he bargained for recently.


The man described as a man about town was a guest at the book launch of Israel Ogundele, the celebrated shepherd in charge of Christian ministry, Genesis.


The event held within the confines of reputable hospitality centre Sheraton Hotels, Ikeja, Lagos.


Alaso was said to have suffered the public attack after he performed a feat that earned him envious stares from co attendees.

Toyin Kolade


Information sourced by from papermacheonline, the platform that broke the news revealed Alaso had caused a stir with the manner he appreciated musician, Lanre Teriba’s ( more widely known as Atorise) praise singing.


He showered the singer with crisp One thousand naira notes (N1000.00).


The display was reportedly so attention drawing he decided to leave the stage on a high note.


He immediately stepped out of the hall and made for his car.


And according to the report, that was the stage his world was turned upside down.


He was accosted by a mysterious woman who rained slaps, kicks on him – and grapple his attire to the point of shredding it in parts.


Alaso was thrown off balance- and was reportedly so scattered that all he was shouting ‘ki ni mi shey fun e?’ (How have I wronged you?) ,while the relentless attacker kept banging at him.


According the information sourced, it took the intervention of security men and onlookers to wrest the aghast socialite from the grip of the mysterious beater.


Feeling tainted and humiliated, Alaso was said to be concerned with just a move- getting as far away as possible from the disgraceful situation.


But in the course of the mediation the assailant reportedly gave away the initiator with boastful comments ‘‘you haven’t seen anything yet, go and settle your debts with Toyin Kolade’.


It was later confirmed Alaso’s beater and the woman he alleged owes money came to the event together.


It is believed they were pissed and plotted the public disgrace as result of Alaso’s extravagant display with musician Atorise, while still allegedly indebted to Toyin.

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