:: Cover Story... Saturday, February 04, 2012.

Musician Stereo Man Abandons Wife & Children, Moves In With Mistress! operates a beer parlour.

Sunday Osakuni, the maker of hit album,Ekwe has walked out of his marriage.

The musical acts more popular with the stage name Stereo Man reportedly perfected this act about four months ago.

He abandoned the wife and three children in a rented flat in C.B.N. Estate II, Satellite Town- Lagos state.

Informants claimed that the development came to be after the neighbourhood was littered with tales of matrimonial bickering that earned the wife severe beatings.

Stereo Man

Sources claimed the Ekwe singer moved out his matrimonial home to be with a mistress in another part of Festac Town.

Sources attribute a downtown of his fortune to the crisis that engulfed his marriage.

He is said to operate a Beer Parlour to make ends meet presently.

Informants claim since he moved out 'he prefers to talk with his wife  and children on phone'

Observers claim the walking out on his family the fulfilment of Incessant threats in the course of ceaseless marital squabbles.

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