:: Cover Story... Sunday, February 26, 2017.

Murphy Okojie & Other Big Men Who Disappeared Before Recession Came To Town
They are yesterday’s titans, men who piloted the trend when it was hip to be titan. But like all things mortal, their fortunes and name impaired to the ravage of unforgiving time. All that is left of them is the common dross that is always left of yesterday. Notwithstanding their apparent retreat into oblivion, they will be remembered as the pack that stood out of the island in-crowd. They rocked Victoria Island, Ikoyi and Lekki in their boom time. Some of them ran night clubs, some ran fashion outfits and some were widely acknowledged as businessmen.

Yet there were a few that didn’t have visible source of income, yet they were considered rich and jolly good men. They were close to the best babes and they rode the best cars that time. We are talking about Murphy Okojie, the owner Murphis Plaza, Biola Adegoke of Grotto,
Solomon Arueya of Westside CDs opposite Oceanview restaurant back then,

Kennedy Alogaga of Luomo, Nasir Ado_ibrahim of ClubTowers, and many more. Some of the guys have gone ultra low profile way before the onset of the recession. Call it the wisdom of the streets

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