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Saturday, November 15, 2014.

Managers Advise 2face 'Silence Over Mother's Harassment By Relatives During Burial For Late Father, Will Down Reports'

Informants confirmed celebrity singer  2face has been advised from making public cmments on the indignity meted out by his relative- and towns men- during his late father’s burial.


Youths in the his home town, spurred on my relatives had disrupted proceedings hurling abuses and whats not at the famous entertainer and his mother, Rose.


Reports in some sector claim tiny stones and sticks were directed at the mother with threats of body harm renting the air.


The burial ceremony was reported put on hold ‘for hours’ over the aggression against son and mother.


Information here and there revealed cause of the acrimony in the affair that particularly targeted 2face’s mother, Rose as ‘non fulfilment of family and community wishes’ before the burial could hold.


The community – Amafu, Okpkwu Local Government Area of Benue state – demanded  the singer ‘grade’ the road leading to the area from the maintain of Ojapo, while the Family – Idibia Aje – stipulated the construction of a 10 (ten) bedroom flat for burial take place.


Information pieced together revealed the hit maker had initiated the project but couldn’t complete before the burial date.


The relatives and towns put the non completion to the machination of the musical hero’s mother, who allegedly swayed his son to put his money to better use.


They reportedly took their pound of flesh with the indignity meted out in the course of the burial – and attempt to scuttle the whole ceremony.


Intervention of respected religious figure in charge of Catholic Chucrh, St Camel had saved the day for the Idibia’s.


Perhaps forewarned by those who care about him, 2face had attended his father’s burial without any of his super star friends.


But since the news of relatives and town men’s action broke, different speculations and conjectures have surfaced in myriads reports.


And judging from information floating the way of, the singer and his handlers are not keen on putting things in’perspective’.


According to an insider source ‘ He (2face) is not talking about it. He has been advised not...talking about it will only prolong all the talks and reports. If he maintains his silence, everything will naturally die down...that is the path he is threading with his handlers in the whole matter’.

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