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Monday, October 27, 2014.

Loyalists Of First Lady, Dame Patience Increase Moves To Scuttle Bayelsa Gov, Seriake Dickson 2nd Term Bid Over Feud With President's Wife favoured heir & presidential aide, Owei Dufada intensifies take over campaign.

Feelers from Bayelsa state indicate oppositions to re election seeking Governor, Seriake Dickson- particularly within his party, PDP- are having a field day of attempting a take of his job.


And with this development his re election bid buffeting against very stormy waters information revealed.


‘Simply put, his attempt to retain his seat is in jeopardy’ an insider asserts.

Investigation revealed the flood gate of oppositions against Governor Dickson was opened with the recent retirement of his Dame Patience Jonathan from his administration as Permanent Secretary in the ministry of Education.

First Lady Patience Jonathan

With three years still left before official retirement age( she is 57), the abrupt resignation of  first lady is taken to signal the beginning of an all out fight in the discord kept on a leash so far.

‘Remember how the First lady came to be a permanent secretary in Bayelsa state? She had service record transferred from Rivers state at the beginning of the now degenerated fight with Governor Amaechi and to score political points, Governor Dickson promoted her to PS in the same move.


‘Well it’s Deja vu!. With her sudden resignation, what happened with Amaechi is about to befall Dickson.’ An insider explained to


Sources confirmed loyalists of the First lady familiar with her manner of operation have taken the resignation for ‘open’ movement against the Bayelsa governor to begin.

Owei Dufada

Information revealed an increased campaign against Governor Dickson to limit his influence and clout, within and outside the People’s Democratic Party and ultimately scuttle his re election bid has been launched.


Digs revealed what has made the situation very grave for Governor Dickson is the hysteria of the moves against him – opponents wants to outdo one another to cage him in the hope of being singled out for recognition by the wife of the president.


The bulk of the key players against him nurse the ambition of being the next Governor, or working to install a candidate of their own discovered.


Informants revealed this is despite the fact that the first lady is disclosed as having a favourite of her own, Hon. Warimapo-Owei Dudafa, the President’s Special Assistant on Domestic Affairs.


Further revelations have it that the Presidential aide wanting to become Bayelsa state number one man is striving not to leave things to chance as well.

Gov Seriake Dickson

Insiders claim he has stepped up campaign of his own, attempting to mobilise party men, town elders and youths to shore up popularity in the state.


This is outside of attempts to leverage on the Dame Patience favours within government and party hierarchy to ingrain himself with decision makers learn't.


Further digs however revealed Governor Seriake Dickson is not just letting mounting opposition to spill out of control.


He is said to have refused to openly engage the President’s wife.


The governor is described as lobbying national leaders of his party and key governor friends to provide soft landing before the fight gets out of hand.


But how did things turn this way for the once upon a time favoured son of Bayelsa politics?


‘ It all boils down to control...he attempted to resist control from those who made him what he is, and a more obedient candidate is needed to replace him, and those forget that was the circumstance that paved way for his emergence as governor as well...that's the simplest summation there is' a deep source provided insight.
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