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Sunday, November 30, 2014.

Long Distance Relationship Puts Added Strain On Linda Mesrob, Lolu Shodeinde's Attempt At Matrimony.

Information filtering in indicates there is an added strain on attempts by Linda Mesrob and Lolu Shodehinde at matrimony.


The duo hard their introduction ceremony just before Linda birthed the ‘couple’s marriage.


This development reportedly came to be in the face of parental objections from Lolu’s corner.


Insiders revealed societal expectations of a wedding after the birth had put a bit of strain on the relationship. It was not forthcoming and with it came a bit of insecurity on the part of Linda on her footing in Lolu’s world.


Sources claimed the duo were working on a way round the knot, trying to get Lolu’s ‘people’ to see things their way when another pressure added development came into play.

Lolu & Linda

Lolu had to travel out in search of greener pasture. He is described as attempting to make a fortune in South Africa.


And against the backdrop of the knotty issue on ground – this is said not to be helping attempts at cementing marital ties by the duo.


Informants claim despite attempts at supporting her man to make the best of his business initiatives, the development has further compounded Linda’s stance.

‘the travel has created perfect ploy to put distance at achieving their goal, if you look it from another angle’ an observer claimed.


‘Though Linda can afford travel to South Africa to be with Lolu, but is not the same as operating in the same environment...and there is the issue of her own business to see to as well’ another source analysed.


Lolu’s travel and growing absence in the country is said to have kick started another round of separation talks about the ‘couple’- around town.
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