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Thursday, October 23, 2014.

Lagos Boy & Asiwaju Tinubu's Favourite, Solomon Adeola's Move To Use Financial Muscle To Wrest Political Might In Ogun Pitches Him Against Gov Amosun
...As fight with state headman's protege, comm Olubori turns bloody
+the ultimate 2019 agenda

Moves by federal law maker representing Alimosho federal constituency in Lagos state, Solomon Adeola to use financial means to muscle political clout in Ogun state in causing great ripples.

Adeola, intends to cross from Federal House of Representatives from Lagos state to become a Senator representing Ogun state in the next general election.

And he has signal his intention with ownership of a hugely funded and virile political group labelled, Yayi.

Sources confirmed Adeola's seriousness is measured by his 'spared no cost' approach securing support.

He is labelled the biggest spending politician in Ogun state political circle.

Solomon Adeola

Informants claim the federal law maker from lagos seeking Ogun west senate seat from incumbent, Akin Odunsi particularly endeared himself to many by doling out 'foreign currencies', especially to the youths and local head men in his yewa area of ogun state'.

The spending is said to be so huge that his Yayi political forum is widely regarded the most raging in the state.
Gov Ibikunle Amosun Solomon Adeola a two term member of the Lagos state house of assemble had model the political move of mentor and former lagos governor, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to perfect his aim.

And there lies his trouble, his popularity and political clout spread so rapidly within the Yewa axis- with huge threats of spill over that incumbent Governor, Ibikunle Amosun became bothered.

Particularly against the background, the Asiwaju Tinubu favourite virtually did it alone.

Disclosed an insider 'He remains a man of his own with his political advancement in Ogun politics. And with it, the possibility of becoming a major decider of political
outcomes if left unchecked'

Information revealed, as result of this, Governor Amosun who had initially gave him favourable disposition as part of agenda to unseat political enemy, Senator Odunsi moved to contain Adeola's spreading influence.

He backed one of his ardent loyalist and commissioner in charge of ministry of forestry, Ayo Olubori to vie for the Ogun West Senatorial seat.

Olubori is also from the Yewa axis of Ogun state.

The emergence of the governor's protege to challenge the enormous spending political machinery of Adeola has transformed the fight to wrest ogun west political might into a highly volatile battle.

And the first spark cost two lives during the Governor's official visit to the area during the week.

The loss of lives was recorded in attempts to show Governor Amosun who controls the voice of the area.

Threats of reprisal by the bereaved side are still on sources claim.

Further digs into Adeola's caucus revealed why the battle to win the Ogun West Senatorial seat is a must.

'It will be the perfect fulcrum to launch into the post of Governor of the state in 2019' a source disclosed.

According to information, backed with the influence of Asiwaju Tinubu- the favourite has actually launched a long term gubernatorial campaign with 2019 in mind.

' They are dealing with reality...and the reality is that Amosun, backed with the Egba elites is very keen on returning as governor. To beat him, the opposition is shopping for a candidate from the same zone that will sway the support of the elites from him. So, the decisive factor is 'Egba axis'. Immediate past governor Gbenga Daniel came from the Remo, Ijebu axis..and riding on the agitation of the Yewa's clamour for a chance as well, it is believed someone from the zone stands a better chance in 2019'

Insiders further revealed, it is this chance Adeola wants to seize, and a seat in the Senate perfect setup to provide him quality background.

It is believed he is acting out the script of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu (as one of the leader's most obedient favourites)

According to deep sources, Tinubu's godfatherism influences in Adeola's political emergence is evident with a check on his background.

Adeola was the Chairman of the Assembly’s Committee on Finance throughout his eight year sojourn in the Assembly. The Finance Committee is regarded as a very lucrative committee- and his position was never under threat.

On his election into the House of Representatives in 2011, he was again manouvered into the leadership of another lucrative committee, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

A portfolio that provided opportunity to transform resources at his disposal to intimidating status.

More revelations revealed his problem with Amosun stem from confidence that comes with the massive wealth - backing of a figure like Asiwaju Tinubu - at his disposal.

Governor Amosun prefers to be the only unbowed head in the politics of Ogun state. And has seen the potential difficulties that lays ahead with the increasing clout of Solomon Adeola.
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