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Wednesday, October 29, 2014.

Lagos Night Clubs Biggest Spender, Dagogo Losses Title, Changes Lifestyle.
...his real identity uncovered, delves into politics.

The title Lagos night clubs biggest attributed to the street figure known as Dagogo Agbor is now followed with a qualifier – once upon a time.


Sources confirmed to that the man lovers of free pleasure loved to be with has lost the street title.


He is said to have changed his ways.


According to findings by the man who hit town with outrageous spending of N3m per night rarely comes partying again.


Here is a link to reports of exploits that earned him the los street title.


(Dagogo Agbor Becomes Lagos Night Clubs Biggest Spender With N3m Per Night!)


According to a source ‘Dagogo as you all know him is a changed man...he is a more serious man with greater objectives’


Further revelations uncovered by revealed the flamboyant party character said to have delved into real estate just to flaunt his mysterious mega wealth taken the enterprise ‘very serious’


Here is link for background into his incursion into reputable commerce


( Lagos Night Clubs Biggest Spender, Dagogo Agbor Erects, Moves Into 'Wonder Palace' In Ajah )


Sources claimed using family ties – via sister’s marriage – has also delved into oil and gas.


More in depth revelation has it that the identity Dagogo is just a street facade.


His real identity is given as Gerald Azonobo.


And he oversees the Fitzgerald Group and Meekly properties.


Insiders further revealed he is gradually putting structures in place to launch into political office.


While he reigned as Lagos Night Clubs biggest spender, the source of his wealth was a matter of different conjectures – but presently those close to him have given him a background.


He became a rich man via exploits as an on field Oil and Gas expert.


Outside of his known commercial undertakings, Gerald aka Dagogo is said to be multiplying is riches with discreet bank rolling of this and that business initiative for a stake – or outright commission.


There are rumours he has the money power behind a quietly growing pharmaceutical outfit.

Sources concede, he is a greet helper of the needy.


It is however instructive to not that is exploits as Lagos Night clubs biggest spender is such that since he moved out of that spotlight, the height of his reign remains unmatched. And the crown ceaseless changing hands amongst much lesser spenders.

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