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Saturday, October 13, 2013.

Joke Sogunro Goes Low Profile Over Public Disgrace By Bamanga Tukur For Romancing Married Son, Auwal. 

Society Lady, Joke Sogunro has burroughed underground.

And the reason for this is very simple.

She is trying to live down a recent public disgrace, that has become favoured topic on the social scene.

Sources disclosed, She was recently thrown out on the streets for allegedly having sexual relationship with the married son of one of her very close friends while on a visit.

The husband was said to have stumbled on the discovery and threw out the Soggy Couture Boss, along with her baggages.

The incident reportedly happened in Abuja

Joke Sogunro

and the friend is identified Hajia Fatima, wife of powerful politician, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur.

The PDP chieftain is disclosed as the one that ordered Sogunro thrown out when he discovered she was embroiled in a romance with his married son- Auwal.

Informants claimed, Sogunro was thrown out of the Tukur's Adetokunbo Ademola, street Abuja home on Sunday October 6 2013.

Sources confirmed she had been staying with the Tukurs for sometime.

She reportedly perfected the act based on long term relationship with the wife, Hajia Fatima.

Insiders revealed she moved into the Tukurs home under the guise of need of a place to stay while she strive to better her lot.

Good friend Hajia Fatima proved a friend in need by convincing hubby Alhaji Tukur to allow her friend utilise one of the vacant detachment in the massive building.

Sogunro reportedly proved her usefulness with helping out in a manner that accentuated the Tukur's social status.

But unknown to the benevolent couple, she was proving herself' useful' to another member of the family- Auwal, their married son with a bit of money to spare.

It was the discovery of this alleged adulterous act- and allegations that the Tukur's home and a reputable hi end hospitality centre in Abuja serve as 'love nest' that resulted in 'disgracefully' throwing Sogunro out of their home.

Insiders revealed the disgraced socialite has since moved into a moderate accommodation in Abuja, and gone low profile for talks about the happenstance to die down a bit.
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