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Monday, December 8, 2014.

Jakande's Son, Deji Trounced 235 To 8 In Most Humiliating House Of Reps Ticket Loss he played himself into oblivion.

Deji, the son of respected politician and former governor of Lagos State, Alhaji Lateef Jakande suffered what is generally adjudged the most humiliating All Progressives Congress’s (APC) House of Representatives ticket loss.


He was thoroughly trounced in 235 to 8 votes in Mushin Federal Constituency 1 of Lagos state.


Deji went against influential figure with mass grassroot appeal, Taofeek  Adeyemi Alli.


Adeyemi Alli is the immediate past Chairman of Odi – Olowo Coincil Development Area.

He is reputed to have a vice grip in the politics of the area as shown in his outing with Deji for the Federal House of Representatives Ticket.

Deji Jakande

Information sourced by however revealed handwriting was clear on the wall for those that could read that Deji would lose before the election.


He was moved from Shomolu Constituency 1 to go defend his ticket in Mushin.


‘that ploy can only be successful is the party is keen on retaining him- and the outing just a formality...he has no support base in Mushin’ a source analysed.


Further revelations revealed that even in Shomolu where he is supposed to have a structure he has been bedevilled with talks of non performance.


He is alleged to be more engaged in pleasure oriented pastime than impact making initiatives that would endear him to the people of his area.


His showing at the Federal House of Representatives is said to be such that, fellow Federal Lawmakers do not really reckon with him.


‘The just call on him to add to their numbers when the need arise’ an insider claimed.


Sources party leaders had compiled all reports against him and bided their time in dealing with the situation.


And out of respect for the ‘legacy of his father’ rather than ourightly withdraw his ticket gave him a fighting chance against a worthy opponent in Taofeek Adeyemi Alli, who made mince meat of him.


Insiders confirmed to that Deji became a House of Representaties member in the first place based on his father's political goodwill.

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