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Saturday, December 13, 2014.

Inside The Flamboyant World Of Ben Peters, Rising Oil Baron & Petroleum Minister, Allison Madueke's New Man Friday! plated Lamborghini, top range private jet, high end art works and expensive abode home and abroad tell story of obscene wealth.

Ben Peters, the face of the mega investment of the Peters brothers (there is the more low profile francis) is adjudged the latest  fastest rising oil baron in town.

And the deals struck with Aiteo, the business ship that came about as a result of the rebranding of Sigmund Communnecci Limited, the initial enterprise of the Peters brothers tell this story.


Ben is widely applauded as putting together Aiteo Consortium that acquired the $2.56 b worth Shell Development Company Oil Block known as OML 29.

Even in the face of recent talks of trouble meeting payment schedule, this is a feat many still applaud.


But what a lot do not know is that outside this development, Aiteo is equally one of only three Oil firms- all owned by individuals with reported links to the minister - in a Crude Oil Swap deal projected to fetch the company $26 million per month in a stable price environment.


Deep sources within the Oil industry confirmed despite his impressive business moves – Peters has a strong association to leverage on.


He is confirmed as enjoying very close relationship with Petroleum Minister, Diezani Allison Madueke.  And the fact, that he is a top oil player behind the scene supporter the President also helps.


Those very conversant with his ways further disclose the emerging all baron’s dream land possessions are tell tales of confounding personal wealth.


He has used his business smarts and rooted contacts to attain a life of mind blowing pleasure and massive personal accomplishments is how a source described Ben Peters world.


With limited patience with slow learners, Peters astounding wealth is said to have produced for his pleasure, a gold plated Lamborghini pegged at around 7.5million, an arresting Rolls Royce Phantom, Mercedes Benz SL 600 and a Ferrari just to provide a window into his amazing collection of automobiles.


His love for high end vehicle of mobility is said to transcend land travels – the Aiteo helmsman is said to own one of the most expensive private jets abound, a Boeing Family.


Despite schedule that warrants stays in rated five – star hotels around the world, the wealth Nigerian is listed as with personal houses home and abroad.


His expensive ‘pads’ sources attribute with ‘architectural master pieces worth enough to feed villages’ to- are said to be scattered in different locations in Lagos, Abuja, London, Dubai and America.


And as with most handlers of deep wealth, the oily rich man is a lover of art works.


He is confirmed to snoop around a-list art galleries such as Goering & Lopez, Hauser & Wirth, Emmanuel Perrotin in search of valuable piece to add to his growing collection.

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