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Solid Gbedu Boss, Ibrahim Jallow Dissects His Past, Present & Future
Ibrahim Jallow

‘I have never earned any kobo outside of music’ says Solid Gbedu Boss, Ibrahim Jallow Hussain. The personality that hit public consciousness as a much sought after car stereo and related music instrument installation expert made the disclosure at is Surulere, Lagos office in a chat with

According to the clean shaven friend of many ‘right from secondary school I had always been in love with music. I grew up listening to the likes of Yusuf Olatunji, Ayinla Omowura and others. I was always going to where the music was and this naturally made me go into the D.J work. I was a D.J for years along with my good friend Kola Baiye, the owner of Pitch relaxation spot. And back then, it was really interesting and exciting. We really had fun, providing the music and seeing people enjoy themselves’

Solid as fondly called by close friends was seated behind a corner piece like office table, attired in a Tee shirt and jeans. He was fiddling with the console of his Desk Top computer system on his table as we chatted. His face was clouded in nostalgia in recollection of the good old days.

The question ‘so why did you leave the D.J stuff to set up Solid Gbedu?’ brought him back to the present.

‘I didn’t leave it per se. I am still into it indirectly. I still package songs for D.Js based on demand. The only thing is that I don’t stand behind the …again. Why did I set up Solid Gbedu? Fine,I was enjoying myself and making money as a D.J, but not the kind of money that would give me the kind of life I wanted. And I didn’t want to leave the music industry, so I did my research and discovered a need I could tap into and Solid Gbedu came into being’

He turned to check a beep on his system as the next question hit him ‘I take Gbedu to be the colloquial for good music? Over ten years on, how exciting is the journey? A quick glance at the computer screen and tap on the keyboard and he turned back and replied’ Yes, Gbedu is good music, Solid Gbedu is all about providing good music and everything that aid it. The journey has been tough and enjoyable; you know all the usual challenges of running a new business and the thrills of breaking new grounds. We have been in business for over ten years and still going and I guess that says a lot about our operation’

Ibrahim Jallow with an artist One of Ibrahim Jallow\'s Artist

Starting up then, was it as rough as that of the recent additions to your operations- Solid Gbedu Records and’ He observed what turned out the longest pause in the interview before answering ‘the first one was tougher, I was just starting out fresh then. I am doing these two now with the benefit of experience. There are challenges, especially being a one man thing we thank God for the progress we have made so far’ He shifted in his seat in preparation for the next question.

‘For a man that is yet to earn a kobo outside music- what is your definition of a good song? I threw at him. He responded immediately ‘ a good song is one that is widely accepted by the public. It is the level of acceptance that determines how good a song is’

‘And how well has Solid Gbedu Records done with artistes on it’s label based on this definition?’ I did a follow up question.

‘We are getting there’ he replied, pause and continued ‘we are not yet there but we are getting there. We are pushing out our artistes strategically. Presently 7.Thirty is our main product. His songs such as Claro, Green Light, Obe Lomo and others are currently enjoying air plays on radio stations and he has done a couple of shows. We did massive promotions for him and the result is not bad. We are grooming another artiste to complement his standing. The artiste is Large Man, wonderful musician. His songs Do Something featuring Ruggedman and Mammy water are simply wonderful. They will soon hit the air waves. These are the two major products we are working on. The others are waiting in the wings. And I tell you based on our limited resources, we are making good progress’ he replied.

‘Good progress to e where in five, ten years?’ I asked. A brief shake of his shiny head and he responded ‘that I can’t say. God is in the best position to determine that. We aspire to be one of the best there is, if possible the best but we are in no position to make categorical statement about that’

‘Ok’ I concurred, then put another question to him ‘when you say limited resources, like howmuch capital have you infused into your operations?’ He smiled, then gave another shake of his head before responding ‘that is an internal matter. I really can’t really say this or that amount, because it is everyday spending. Millions of naira on the artistes and their work, doing public relations and all other things, my brother the project is capital intensive. But we thank God’

A brief interlude as he attended to a visited that sauntered in and we resumed the chat ‘ A car stere and related musical instrument installation company, a Record label and a music channel, are you following a laid down script or just delving into things based on inspiration?

Affecting a more serious air he replied ‘ everything that I am doing is part of the initial business objectives of Solid Gbedu as a company. We are following a plan. Fine we had planned to do some of the things earlier, but as the saying goes better late than never’

‘So what is the next project in the script and how soon are you kicking off?’ I sought to know.

A brief laugher and he answered ‘that will be like giving away our advantage. We prefer to cat than talk. But presently we are more concern with consolidating on the projects on ground. We want to build them to certain height before embracing any other thing. All what we are doing now, if you really look at it complement one another, especially the Record label and music channel’

‘What exactly is your long term goal, both professionally and personally’ I asked.

A slight pause as he seemingly gathers his thoughts together and he replied ‘To be a major in the entertainment industry, with a name that will stand the test of time long after I am gone’

‘Do you have any passion outside of music’ I threw in my final question.

A warm smile suffused his face as he answered ‘Football. I am a passionate Arsenal fan. I love football but I am not a fanatic!’

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