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Tuesday, November 18, 2014.

'I Don't Know About SDP, I Don't Know If That Party Exists' -Heyden Boss, Dapo Abiodun Makes Fun Of Osoba's New Party In Interview That Labelled Gov Amosun As 'Best Thing That Happened'.

Heyden Petroleum Boss, Dapo Abiodun just made fun of the new political party of his political leader and ex governor of Ogun state, Aremo Olusegun Osoba in a recent interview.


Reacting to a question on whether he would source votes from SDP members to achieve his Senatorial ambition in Ogun state, the just returned to wealth Oil and Gas man replied in the midst of general laughter ‘I don’t know about SDP, I don’t know whether that party exists or not'

Dapo Abiodun

And went on to emphasise ‘...but if there is any such party or other parties, I’m hoping that I will be able to appeal to them for support.’

This is how the mood was captured by one of the partakers at the session ‘I don’t know about SDP, I don’t know whether that party exists or not (general laughter)… but if there is any such party or other parties, I’m hoping that I will be able to appeal to them for support. So, I’m sure that my governor would welcome the idea that my doors are open to all and sundry’


It is a widely reported development that ex governor and political leader in Ogun state, Aremo Olusegun Osoba pulled out of the All Progressives Party (APC), along with the sitting Deputy Governor, 3 Senators and 6 House of Representative Members to join the Social Democratic Party (SDP).


The move was the consequence of protracted political fight with incumbent Governor of the state, Ibikunle Amosun.


Mr Abiodun went on to comment on the relationship between warring political leader and the governor in the media parley that reportedly held at his instance

Gov Ibikunle Amosun Aremo Segun Osoba

‘...It is very unfortunate that the issues that caused the crack, and I’m surprised, that they could not be fixed. I didn’t think that they were issues impossible to fix because I was virtually involved in several party meetings where efforts were made to resolve the issues. It is unlike Chief Osoba, to begin something and abandon it midway. It is unlike Chief Osoba to want to destroy a house that he has built. That is why I’m still not convinced that Chief Osoba has left his party, APC. I have not seen him for some days. But I’m not convinced that the issues are irreparable. So, I’m still optimistic that something can still be done, that we can still sit and settle this matter like one family and move forward’


The man who incidentally is seeking to take the Senatorial seat from one the 3 Senators that left APC to SDP with Governor Osoba went on to give his opinion of Governor Ibikunle Amosun and make his stand in the political divisions in the state.


‘The Governor of this State today, His Excellency Senator Ibikunle Amosun, is the best thing that has happened to Ogun State...... Amosun is a governor that, by providence, has been voted into office, and we see other previous governors before him. Amosun is one of the most honest governors I have seen. I’m not being patronizing. He is sincere, focused, diligent and dedicated.

' Not only does he have the will, he has the desire, he is committed to the cause of the common man in this state and he has shown that he is a true believer and a humble servant. He may not be hundred-percent perfect but I’m saying, these are qualities that I have seen in this person. As a citizen of Nigeria and Ogun State, if truly what I want to do is to help move this State forward, I believe, and I was convinced that one sure way to do that is to join hands with Governor Amosun who is doing very well and cooperate with him. Not to start fighting him just for the sake of wanting to make a name or making money and fame. Politics is not a game, it is about adding values to people’s lives.


'So, I decided that this man was adding values to people, I wanted to support him. Amosun, within three years, has raised the State’s IGR from 500 million Naira, which his predecessor was struggling with for an eight-year period, to almost five billion Naira. In Ogun State under Amosun, we are seeing infrastructure unprecedented across the three senatorial districts. Ogun State under Amosun has gone from being number 20-something in ranking in terms of industrialization, to number one.


'The State has now been turned around to become an investment destination in this country. Now, what other indices do you need to assess the performance of Governor Amosun? What more do you need to be subscribed to a cause? So, for me, the choices were very clear. Am I to align with those who want to remove this governor so that we can bring Ogun State back to where it was before Amosun came into office or am I to align myself with this governor who we have not seen such since the creation of this state?’


He also used the opportunity explain his attendance at PDP event that sparked reports of his defection from the APC not too long ago with the assertion


‘The story in the media recently about my purported crossing from APC to PDP. I only laughed when my attention was called to the news because my being in that place was in continuation of the awareness visits to sell myself to people of Ogun State. My relationship with Buruji Kashamu and others is not about politics. We both happen to be from the same State and I have friends across the State’. obtained information of the happenings at the breakfast media parley held at the Iperu, Remo Ogun state home of Dapo Abiodun from citizenconfidentia, one of the platforms at the affair.

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