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Tuesday, October 13, 2015.

'I Am Not Mad, I Don't Talk To Weeds And Plants' - Quincy Ayodele Cries Out.
Fresh information coming the way of claims, Herbal slimming products producer, Quincy Ayodele has distance herself from statement credited to her that she talks to weeds and plants.

The assertion was the headline of an interview she granted a national newspaper recently.

While admitting granting the interview the pioneer of Herbal Slimming products producer in a newly released statement defined the interview headline as ' a misrepresentation'

The celebrity herbal products producer is said to now claim ''  I DONT talk to weeds or

plants. I never have and I never will. That means either incantation or mental illness which isn't Herbal medicine and i am vehemently against practices of the occult and calling it Herbal medicine.

''Secondly, Quincy Herbals products are made and packaged for a global market''

According to information sourced from timelineng by, Ayodele's new statement further expantiated on her denials with the added assertions

''how does one do incantation into cream, soap or dietary supplement? Particularly the ones we sell on Amazon in the USA !! Pls visit or to see our stuffs, and you won't see any sign of incantation there. I did grant the interview, but i didn't say u speak to plants. Cream or weight-loss supplements do not require incantations, it only requires effective ingredients''

However for background, here is the portion of the interview that warranted the reaction from celebrity Ayodele featured in the nation newspaper

'What role have you played in reforming the sector?

As the secretary then, we were able to register about 5,000 practitioners. We also did a lot to make sure that NAFDAC does not register products without approval from the association and I also ensured that products do not carry spurious claims to efficacy in their advertisement. These were ways of sanitising the practice. We are still waiting for that bill, which will enable us to move faster in our practice in Nigeria.

How about the education of practitioners?

I read somewhere that Nigeria is planning to include the teaching of traditional medicine in university curriculum. I think the West African Health Association started that call for the inclusion of traditional medicine in schools across Nigeria, which was also my recommendation at the World Health Organisation level when I did a paper on collaboration. University of Ibadan was mentioned then, and I think if they have started it, then it means we are gradually getting there. But what will expedite action will be the Traditional Medicine Bill.

Still on education, do you believe that some people could be trained to become traditional medical practitioners?

In my own case it is in-born but yes people can be trained, but then it has to be people with passion to be in the field. More so when we are dealing with nature. Traditional medicine is different from orthodox medicine. In the former, in treating headache, you have to address the root cause. I believe that God also calls people to particular vocations.  In my case, God called me and I love plants, I love nature. I love greenery. I love flowers because of their aroma. It is from flowers that we get aroma. Flowers are also medicinal plants. No plant is useless. Nothing God created is useless; even those ones that are called weeds are useful. When I go to the farm, before I weed anything away, I look at the weed and try to find a message in them. I ask, ‘weed, why are you growing here?’ And I get the message.

You mean you talk to the weeds? You talk to plants?

Yes, I do (laughs).

How’s life as a grandmother?

My grandchildren are close to me; I look forward to seeing them regularly. They look up to me to inform them about life in the past. So I tell them moonlight stories, yes, a lot of stories about the Tortoise and they enjoy listening to it. I teach them about the Bible and they ask questions about ‘Daddy Jesus.’ That is how they call Jesus. They are growing and filled with the Spirit of God.'
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