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Monday, December 1, 2014.

'How Ogun House Of Reps Aspirant, Leye Odunjo Scrambled Out Of 3man Gun & Matchet Attack' -Insiders Account.

'He was attacked on his way home..three men waylaid him. One was with a gun and the other two held matchets. Odunjo was in his car, he was going to his house and the state of the road forced him into slow movement. And they just came out of no where. It was a frightening experience, men with matchets and a gun with evil intentions on their face walking towards their target

'It was a solitary road..but there were still some passers by nearby, the one with gun took aim to fire but it just jammed..and after the second attempt with the same result, they rushed their target with cutlass...and he made a dash out of his car..scrambling out, kicking and shoving out in all corners

Leye Odunjo

'They went after him with the matchets..they hacked at him, but he kept on moving..he ran till people saw what was happening and his assailants backed off...and just vanished.

'Strangely Odunjo has been avoiding his home for a while, there were threats against him but we didn't know it would get this serious

' He is currently undergoing treatment'

That is how an insider recounted the attack that forced Ogun state House of Representatives Aspirant, Leye Odunjo underground.

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