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Saturday, November 22, 2014.

House Of Rep Member, Dayo Bush Shuts Down Illness Talks With Stakeholders Meeting. re election posters take over constituency.

Re election seeking Federal House of Representatives Member Dayo Alebioshu has shut down illness tales been floated about his person.

The law maker fondly addressed as 'Dayo Bush' - (a derivation from his surname, Alebioshu) by friends and associates perfected this development staging a stakeholders meeting in his constituency.

And addressed all attendees in person.

The meeting which reportedly cuts across party affiliation reportedly held mid this week.

Prior to this occurrence, news had hit town Mr Alebioshu was down with ill health.

Dayo Bush

That the situation was such that he had journeyed abroad for medical treatment.

Opponents - believed to have sparked off the speculations - had reportedly started leveraging on it to campaign against him as not 'medically fit' to continue with the rigours of legislative functions.

But Alebioshu's appearance and performance at the meeting had shut down the talks and conjectures about his well being.

According to a source ' a lot people were there, many wanted to see if the stories where true and where shocked to see the man supposed to be bedridden looking so fit and healthy...

'And many spoke against the injustice of the speculation against him...and also perceived grouses against him but at end of the day, after all said and done he had wonderful outing and more supporters based on commitments expressed at the gathering' a witness confirmed to

This development comes on the heels of disclosures by different sources his campaign posters has flooded the whole of his Kosofe,Lagos state Federal Constituency.

'It is like he is the sole candidate...his posters are at every nooks and cranny' is how an informant put it.

Checks by revealed this isn't the first time the law maker at the fore front of a motion to effect non transfer of electricity bills from old house occupant to new tenant would be buffeted with tales of ill health.

He experienced the same development in 2012- and was forced to issue a public statement to quell growing speculation.

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