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Thursday, November 27, 2014.

High Society Gets Set For December Black Tie & Wedding Reception For Nov 24 Bride's Birthday Colourful Nuptials Of House Of Reps Finance Committee Chiar, Abdulmumin Jibrin / Maryam Augie.
...details of the marriage ceremony catching lots of attention.

There is an air of great expectation in the air. And this is thanks to the just perfected wedding ceremony catching attention by the minute.


The marriage ceremony of Abdulmumin  Jibrin and beautiful bride, Maryam Augie.


The fact that couple added nuptials was staged on the Monday, November 24 2014 Birthday date of the Bride added arresting drama to the adorable happenstance.


And scheduling the wedding reception for December 21- along with an heralding black tie event pegged for December 20 – an uncommon feat – only heighten interest and excitement surrounding the whole affair.

Abdulmumin Jibrin / Maryam Augie

And many high society rollers grasping for heart warming details of the November 24 marital deed have started putting plans in place to be a part of the upcoming second and third parts of the attention drawing marriage ceremony first hand.


However here are details of the talk of the town, even many a high roller didn’t have the chance to witness.


‘A glance behind the glitter; a dreamy, colourful assemblage of family; two simple vows; a kiss; a dozen balloons, and a heartfelt smile. Their heartfelt dreams had finally come true; they were bound by swathes of bliss, two simple vows and a grand matchless love – which makes them one of the happiest and power couples right now. And so they kissed and begun a lively, tenderlife. It was the kind of life that blossomed like a truth universally acknowledged and treasured by only the pure at heart. 

Abdulmumin Jibrin Maryam Augie Abdulmumin Jibrin

They got married on Maryam’s birthday, November 24th at Emir’s Palace Argungu, Kebbi State and there was a birthday dinner for the beautiful bride later that day in Abuja. The majesty of the union was abundant in its ritual splendors, but its soul was all in the small things: the inexorable buildup of guests and spectators along the ceremonial route was at first a straggle of gem-bedecked big shots, then arrived the crowds of very close friends, family, and business associates.


Hon. Abdulmumin Jibrin and his beautiful wife Maryam, the beautiful daughter of Justice Amina Augie, beamed majestically, with content at the birthday party in Abuja.  It was indeed a grand day for the couple who dug into the depth of their vast social contacts to make their day as remarkable and grand as it could ever be. And it was indeed the beautiful couple’s dream. Both the bride and groom joyously beamed with smiles lending cadence to the belief that it had always been their dream to be in love, marry a soul mate and grow so happy for such a splendid moment.

 Maryam Augie Maryam Augie Abdulmumin Jibrin / Maryam Augie

The pair waltzed across the reception hall like two royal scions at the threshold of their dreams. There was a surplus of the best victuals and drinks money could buy and I go die, Banky W and Waje performed to everyone's delight. Jibril exudes an uncanny mélange of zeal and fervor that becomes his charm. Intellectually, he flaunts a visceral approach that only a few of his contemporaries can rival. Hard work has deigned him a wide-grin and leads him across the crossroads of fame to the realization of his dreams. 


Jibrin is the youthfully and Intelligent Chairman of the high profile House of Representatives Committee on Finance. He holds a Bachelor degree, M.Sc and PhD in politics, Diplomacy and international affairs from University of Abuja and ABU Zaria respectively.

He holds a PLD, SEP and MBA from the Harvard Business School, London Business School and Swiss Business School, Zurich, Switzerland respectively. He has attended courses in Global economic crisis, international oil trading, telecoms strategy and marketing, Negotiation, decision making and deal process in premier universities across Europe and America. Before joining politics, the multimillionaire politician was the Chairman/CEO of Green Forest Group Limited and Chairman of Turkish Construction giant, TASYAPI.


The birthday bride, Maryam has become a young emerging leader from the north and a strong voice for the less privileged.  She has turned down many high profile jobs to fully concentrate as CEO of AYAHAY Foundation. She holds a Bachelors Degree in International Business from the National American University Sharjah, Dubai and MBA from Ehsal University Brussels. Her advocacy in the areas of education and girl child empowerment has received critical acclaim in Nigeria and abroad.  Black tie event for the wedding has been schedule for 20th December and  the wedding reception comes up on 21st December,2014 at the Harrow Park Golf Club, CBD Abuja.’

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