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Fuji Musician, Sule Alao Malaika Explains At 40 'Only Allah Knows Tomorrow' Regarding Marriage Plans With Actress, Sikiratu Sindodo
+the formulae for harmony in the house of fuji.

Fuji Musician, Sule Alao Malaika Explains At 40 'Only Allah knows Tomorrow' Regarding Relationship With Actress, Sikirat Sindodo

+ the formulae for harmony in the house of fuji.

On Friday February 15 2013, Fuji musician, Sulaimon Alao Adekunle more popularly known as Malaika was 40.

He shared the joy of the day in this interview with, reflecting on different chapters of his life and career.
Que, Malaika is 40- how does that feel?
Ans: I feel good, I feel happy and I am grateful to Allah for His blessings and love. I am not the only person that is serving Him but He has bestowed special talents on me, that has brought me fame and fortune and I

Sule Alao Malaika

can't thank Him enough because I know he would still do more.

Que, Is this where you prayed to be at 40?

Ans: Not really but I am still grateful to Allah for where I am. Many are alive who have not been priviledge to get half of what I have achieved and they are older than me. So who am I to query God for where I find myself? I can only keep praising and thanking Him.

Que, What are the other aspirations you yet to achieve and on the verge of achieving?

Sikiratu Sindodo

Ans: I pray that I am able to serve Allah more, help the less priviledged too. On my career path, I hope to help more of my colleagues because as the Yorubas would say, 'oju orun to

 eye foo, lai fara kan ara' (the sky is big enough for all birds to fly without coming to harm ) I hope I am able to extend the frontiers of Fuji music just as the late Barrister and King Wasiu Ayinde also did.

Que, How did you spend the day?

Ans:I went to the mosque to pray, because it fell on a friday and then went to the SOS Children Home where I spent the rest of the day with the kids there. I promised them since 2012 that I was going to spend my subsequent birthdays, so long I am in Nigeria, with them and that was what I did with some of my friends

Que, What is the best gift you look forward to receiving?

Ans, The best gift I got was the happiness on the faces of those beautiful children at the SOS home. Nothing beats seeing their faces lit up as we sang, danced and played together. Nothing, no matter the cost, can beat that.

Que, King of New Generation Fuju Musician- how easy has it being living up to that title?

ANs: It is not easy being a leader but I thank Allah for the wisdom and knowledge He gave to me. I have tried as much as possible since I was crowned on december 25, 2004 to be a model, a source of inspiration to younger acts and thanks to Allah, we have done our best and leaving the rest.

Que, Fellow musician Pasuma broke away from his mentor's Arabambi clan to create his own, Oganla after his 40th- are you looking to floating a clan of yours too at 40?

One thing I want to clear here is that I, Ambassador (King) Sulaimon Alao Malaika did not train under anyone even though I consider the late Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, Gen Kollington Ayinla and King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal as inspiration and role models. They are my musical fathers no doubt but all along I've always stated that I am a one-man army, the friend of all and enemy of none. I am widely refered to as ALAYELUWA, since 2004 that I was crowned and many of the younger and up coming artistes always lay claim to being members of Alayeluwa's lineage. It is not a new thing on my part, as I've always been Alayeluwa since about 10 years ago. So the issue of forming my own clan after I turned 40 is not true as there are many members of the Alayeluwa clan all along.

Que, 40 looking twentyish- what are the keep fit routine behind look?

ANS: Nothing special really. I dance a lot, once I am on stage. Apart from dancing, I enjoy my profession, it is my calling just as I've said in one of my albums. So from deriving pleasure, it keep me active and fit. Once in a while when I have the time, I do work out by jogging, especially when I am abroad because it is not easy to do so here. Our fans won't allow us the freedom here. Imagine me jogging along Ikorodu road? Too many people would follow me and cause distraction and discomfort for other people.

Que,  Two wives- with talks of a blossoming romance with actress Tayo Odueke dogging your step, any chance of making a definite stand on whether she would become the next 'Mrs Malaika' or not in days to come

ANS: only Allah knows tommorrow. I Sulaimon Alao Adekunle can only propose but it is left to Him to make it a reality. Only Allah can say what tommorrow has in stock for us.

Que, Where are you looking to be at 50?

ANS: Allah willing, I pray that I would be able to help a long list of upcoming artistes achieve their goals while at the same time being on top of my game, just like older acts- King Sunny Ade, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, Sir Shina Peters etc.

Que, The perception is that you have a far larger fan base out of the country than inside, do you prefer it that way or working towards creating a balance or reverse the situation?

ANS: that is just a perception of mischief makers. While it is true that Allah has blessed me with a large fan base outside the shores of Nigeria, here in Nigeria, we have a growing base too. For example I spent about 18 days in December 2012 performing across the southwest while I only performed for 4 days in the United States of America and United Kingdom. So the believe that Malaika is only know abroad is not true at all.

Que, Counting the lords blessings at 40- which do you find most significant to all you've achieved today (outside of your talent)

ANS: I have many significant achievements and I can't really single out one. I just thank Allah for His blessings on and love for me.

Que, Is there any thing you passionately wished you'd left undone in all of 40yrs

ANS: Nothing at all. I only learn from my past and my mistakes, I don't regret them. I learn from them so that I won't make the same mistakes twice.

Que, Against the background of gains and disappointments of years past, what is your watch word today?

ANS: Do your best and leave the rest, work hard, pray and trust in Allah.

Que, As a major stakeholder and against taking into consideration your experience-What is your formula for a better Fuji industry

ANS: Nothing gets better without unity. There must be cooperation and love to make the industry better. So if we close ranks and work as one, then the industry would definitely get better.
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