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Friday, December 19, 2014.

Fresh Infomation Punctures Asiwaju Tinubu's Claim Of Declining To Be Buhari's Running Mate
...alleged to have wept when attempt to foist himself was scuttled.

Fresh information has punctured claims by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu that he declined to be the running mate of All Progressives Congress Presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari.


The APC national leader in a statement claimed he declined the offer from his party’s Presidential Candidate and opted to maintain his position and continue the role of bridge builder in the name of national interest.


Emerging revelations have however labelled this disclosure by the political leader as far from what transpired.

Grounded information gatherer with very fertile sources in the political network, Wale

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

Olaleye claimed the APC Leader actually attempted to foist himself on the party as the Vice Presidential candidate.

Wale in a report in Thisday confirmed an offer was made by Buhari to Tinubu – but it wasn’t to be the running mate, but to choose the running mate.


Further information obtained by revealed Asiwaju Tinubu,  credited with the lifelong ambition of becoming the nation’s number two man, had attempted to leverage on the honour accorded him to chose Buhari’s running mate to offer himself as candidate.


The move was said to have been stridently resisted.


The issue of religious implication of fielding a muslim – muslim ticket and the yet to be rested issues concerning his background were employed as deterrent to the ploy.


The former governor of Lagos state continues to face barrage from different corners over his educational background – and state origin, with some going as far attempting to raise dust over the usage of the name Tinubu.


More revelations have that the party men, particularly the Southwest Caucus he attempted to co opt into the scheming to become running mate of Buhari professed love for the party leader’s strength of character and fighting spirit in helping to bring the party this far – but told him point blank, the plan won’t fly.


According to the report by Olaleye  ‘When it became clear to Tinubu that his people had effectively opposed his emergence as Buhari’s deputy, he reportedly broke down in tears, moaning that their stance would render him insignificant in the scheme of things if he was neither allowed the opportunity to field himself nor present a candidate of his choice.“We told him frankly: ‘Look, we love you as our oga but Nigerians don’t.' We told him we could not sell him because one, he is a Muslim and two, other issues might emerge from the woodworks that could be embarrass him and the party.“When it suddenly dawned on him that his goal was slipping from his grasp, he broke down in tears,” alleged a source, who also claimed that it was at that point everyone gave in to his demands that the post of Buhari’s running mate be zoned to the South-west and he should be allowed to pick someone else in his stead.’


The revelations titled ‘Osinbajo’s Emergence: The Drama, The Intrigues’ went on to assert that, despite the concession Asiwaju Tinubu still went on to make a last minute effort to achieve his personal ambition.


Olaleye further revealed ‘In this regard, on Tuesday, he was said to have met with Buhari, who was at this point at his wits end with the pressure that had been brought to bear on the selection of his running mate.

Buhari, during the meeting, was said to have told Tunubu in clear terms that he would neither run with him nor accept a Muslim-Muslim pairing, adding that if he pushed it too hard, he (Buhari) might be compelled to stand down even as the party’s candidate.When Tinubu tried to make Buhari see things his way, a shouting match ensued, compelling the general to walk out on Tinubu so that the situation would not degenerate. It was against this backdrop that the former Lagos governor allegedly rushed back to his people to push for the emergence of Osinbajo.Seeing that Buhari was unyielding, Tinubu and the South-west caucus was left with no option than to unanimously back Osinbajo as the alternative option who was presented to Buhariand subsequently approved by him in order to meet today’s deadline for the submission of candidates’ names.’


Insiders claim the press statement by Asiwaju Tinubu claming he declined the offer that resulted in the emergence Redeemed Christian Church of God and ormer Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice in Lagos State, Professor Yemi Osinbajo was aimed at covering up details just exposed by Olaleye.


The expose has resulted in a bit of stir since it hit town.

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