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Sunday, December 21, 2014.

Fraudsters Scam Victims With Pastor Chris Okotie's Identity Using Ecobank

Fraudsters masquerading as popular preacher, Pastor Chris Okotie are on the prowl.


And they appear to be having a successful operation using financial institution, Eco Bank as means of obtaining their illicit funds.


Information available to indicates one of the major avenues of targeting their victims by these shady characters is social media tool, Facebook.

Findings revealed the fraudulent individuals opened a facebook account in the name ‘PastorChris Okotie’ – and kick start their dark ploy by initiating friendship interaction with their targets by sending friendship requests..


According to revelations by a lady who escaped being hoodwinked  after being added by the make believe ‘PastorChris’ – ‘We exchanged regular hellos from time to time...I got a lengthy message from him one morning, telling e it would be a thing of pride if i could sow into the life of pne baby born with a tumour on her face for about N150K. He said if i do that ASAP (As soon as possible), my blessings would over fill the earth – his exact words –‘


According to further revelations by Salako, the request made her to take more interest in the profile of the PastorChris had been chatting with.

She disclosed closer examination revealed ‘ No Chris Okotie aura, no church activities, shoddy photos and all’


Her fears of a fake were heightened when she enquired whether the baby with tumour on her face is in the church (Pastor Okotie’s Household of God) and she was told no but to just sow the seed of N150,000K into the bank account of the mother.



And an Ecobank account number was provided.


According to Salako, the details given are


Accout Name – Eto Endurance

Account Number – 5531039911

Bank Name – Eco Bank


The fraudsters reportedly attempted to railroad her into paying by giving a payment schedule with the caveat ‘God has a special message’ for her to be delivered once she finish paying.


Salako, very familiar with the operations of the real Pastor Okoties played along with the fraudulent fellas until the deadline day before deleting the fake account.


She decided to expose the scam to alert other targets of the rip off or wriest others already in the clutches of the fraudulent individuals.


It is however not clear whether the use of an account at Ecobank for the scam is with the collaboration of an insider within the financial institution or not.

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