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Wednesday, November 5, 2013.

Finally, Musiliu Obanikoro & Bode George Blow Usual Fight Over Ex Minister's Gubernatorial Ambition Open alternate candidate, Jimi Agbaje intensifies campaign.

Finally, the day is here.


The quiet fight between chieftains of political party, People’s Democratic Party- Musiliu Obanikoro and Bode George is finally out in the open.


(Here is a link for background
Musiliu Obanikoro, Bode George Renew Old Fight Over Lagos Guber Ambition.
...minister working to upstage party leader's candidate, Jimi Agbaje.


As with past episodes, the former minister is seeking to striving to become is party’s flag bearer in the upcoming contest for who becomes the next governor of Lagos state. And true to type once upon all in all in south west PDP affairs, Chief Bode George has a different opinion.


In this round of the differences, George is said to be rooting for eloquent gentleman, Jimi Agbaje.


Informants claimed h had actually began canvassing for the candidature for a while- but this did not Obanikoro from throwing his hat into the ring.


And both had confined moves to outdo one another within the party until the recent held delegate congress by the PDP.


The aftermath of the exercise was an open charge of unbecoming conduct against George by the former ambassador- and complaint to the party national chairman via social media platform, twitter!


“PDP needs a free and fair primary that is devoid of Bode George’s undue interference as seen during the ward congresses’ information sourced by on punch credits Obanikoro as writing.


The complaint to Adamu Mu’ázu was reportedly perfected on behalf of the gubernatorial aspirant by his Special Adviser on Media and Strategy, Ohimai Godwin-Amaize.


Additional comments described the delegate congress held in the state as ‘far from free and fair’.


The gong of open antagonism was sounded with the declaration ‘one million cynics’ would not stop Obanikoro’s ambition.


Information pieced together by from keen followers and insiders in the two camps revealed, a big war of influence and clout looms between the two- and their supporters.


It is generally said in party circles that Obanikoro believes this is the prime time for him to achieve his ambition – and he is willing to all out for it.


‘ He claims to have better clout amongst the party hierarchy, as well as the presidency...and there is this uneasiness in the rank of main opposition, APC that portrays them as not as formidable as usual...and there is the keenness of Presidency to wrest southwest states as is all these factors he believes favour is background as a known name that understands the terrain- and the people’ an insider analysed.


But from his latest outcry it appears Bode George has perched to create discomfort and steal away victory with the perfect end game plan. He wants to dump Obanikoro out of the race at the primaries.


The key to achieving this lies with who controls the delegates, and if the former minister’s accusation is anything to go by – the man pardoned for transgressions that took away the shine off his celebrity status has hints of smile of possible victory on his face.


A deft player in the political circuit however claimed Obanikoro just turned the table, he has tainted Bode George’s victory with his open accusation.


‘ the play is to force the party hierarchy to arbitrate in the matter...and if it gets to that, the man with biggest influence there wins’ the source says.


Whichever way it plays, investigation revealed the gloves is off between the two and an interesting political battle on.


Meanwhile reports has it while Bode George engages Obanikoro, his alternate candidate- Jimi Agbaje has intensify campaign at selling himself to party men and the populace in general.


He is described as busy- and in you facer.


His confidence is labelled grown to the point of describing his campaign train ‘ the winning team’


According to reports monitored on daily newspaper Punch, ‘Agbaje insisted that his campaign train could best be described as “the winning team” and asked volunteers to send their names and places of residence to a dedicated email address.’

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